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Today we are releasing a small content update and fix for coven.

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Welcome my fiends and ghouls to Coven 2.5!

Today we are releasing the next chapter in the Coven game and introducing a few nice new effects. A lot of the new weapon updates and balancing work are from members of our tight-knit community so if you would like to have your opinion heard on Coven, pounce on over to:<

The mod can be downloaded here:


-Walk key glitch fixed
-Server stability increased (hook glitches)
-Able to feed/regen while burning from holy water
-Slight boost to nade throw distance
-Slayers visually indicate blood bomb damage
-Blood bombs are slightly more disorientating
-Blood bomb damage stacks differently
-Improved map timelimit (current round should now finish to completion before changing levels)
-UV Light damage now is increased when vamp is on fire from holy water
-Holy water effect can only be stacked 3 times
-Fixed invisible slayer glitch (team swapping during round)
-Improved team changing (team changes are "queued" and no longer suicides the player if possible)
-"Catapult" hook exploit no longer works
-Deadeye weapon slots swapped (hook is primary and .357 is secondary)
-Holy water now affects vampires and slayers based on distance from impact
-Increased number of starting holy water grenades
-Slightly increased pistol burst fire alternate fire rate
-Reaver shotgun now has single shot alternate fire mode (alternate fire fires one shell at a time)
-Reaver no longer has SMG (no secondary weapon)
-Hellion's 9MM pistol is replaced with the SMG
-Stake assists show up in kill notification
-Updated default MOTD

New Banner work


Hello! I've noticed this mod before but for some reason never downloaded it, now that there is an update out: I have an incentive!

Downloading it now.

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Thanks for continuing to work!

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nice just gave it a test really reminds me off the vampiremod for hl1 to bad i dint have anyone to play with:)

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