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Ok so basically im sick of it. Disgusting stale mod concepts. They all seem to have nothing going on what-so-ever other than "A post apocalyptic setting and zombie hordes!!!" A few people took the already over saturated zombie mod market and made something out of it. These are the heavyweight games we see like 'Zombie panic-Source' And 'Zombie Master' But now because of a few successes the kids are buying in. It wouldnt be half so bad if they finished the mods. The other one that keeps cropping up are mods that seem to not do anything to a game. All these half life expansions and map pack mods. I understand if it helps you with your learning process in mod creation but why do you have to release it on this site and attempt to instill some form of hysteria into the masses surrounding it? The third thing that has started getting on my nerves is the amount of internet kids using words like L33t and all that toss. It seems the internet is depriving the childrens brain of oxygen and then back handing them into a Neolithic state.

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izzysinz Creator
izzysinz - - 316 comments

Check your pockets!

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Hendrix - - 806 comments

thanks for the kind words!

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Afnopo - - 1,253 comments

He gave me even kinder!

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DecDoyle - - 8,532 comments

Hey, thanks for the add!

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KILLA-COW - - 16 comments

Don't you worry fine sir. This is no normal run of the mill another zombie combine mod.

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