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Corona Mod 3.184 Update Patch Notes, including bug fixes, new contents, balance changes.

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New Contents

  1. Updated the models of Conscript, Imperial Warrior, Peacekeeper and Ranger.
  2. Addition of third commander for each faction.
  3. Installed the voice over for Ares Interceptor.
  4. Installed the voice over for Slava Missile Cruiser
  5. Union Heavy Tank received a total rework on model and unit performance. Details in previous video.
  6. Adjusted the model of Rhino Tank, Sledgehammer Assault Gun, Apocalypse Tank and Union Heavy Tank. New armour upgrade models were also added.
  7. Chrysanthemum Mobile ATGM and old Union Tank were added to the random unit crate.
  8. Installed the wreck of Sledgehammer Assault Gun that was left out.
  9. Celestial Tutorial Chapter 2 and 3 were online. Simply select “Previous Mission” and “Next Mission” buttons to switch between chapters.


  1. Optimised multiple mechanisms on across the map determination, reduced calculation per frame and improved lagging.
  2. Aircraft self-defence turrets will be disabled on the ground.
  3. Decorating vehicles can now be destroyed. Grass field and trees can be ignited with specific types of weapons. The fire will spread to adjacent plants (Visual effect only)
  4. Added pop-up notification for having old version client and compatibility risk with the vanilla campaign.
  5. Distinguished the pattern of the wrecks of Apocalypse Tank and old Union Tank depending on whether the detonation has happened.
  6. Increased the ability cooldown of AC-130 Gunship to improve balance within the crate units.
  7. Optimised some crate units’ model.
  8. Further modified Empire’s endgame logo.
  9. Optimised Vindicator model and animations. Fixed the incorrect normal mapping.

AI Adjustment

  1. Rewrote the attack, defence, constructing and opening tactics of all second commanders.
  2. Significantly boosted AIs’ aggressiveness. The threshold was also increased.
  3. The difficulty levels are adjusted from Easy-Medium-Hard-Brutal to Easy-Hard-Brutal-Insane.
  1. Economy Boosted AI will no longer be selected when using random opponent option. To set up random Economy Boosted AI opponent, The player will need to select a faction to enable the selection of Economy Boosted AI, then switch back to random faction.
  1. Modified the AI economical cheat setting. Income differences between AI levels were decreased:
    1. Easy – 100%
    2. Hard – 100%, Hard with Economy Boost – 150%
    3. Brutal – 200%, Brutal with Economy Boost – 300%
    4. Insane – 500%, Insane with Economy Boost – 700%
  2. Lissette received a special upgrade mechanism: When one of her Construction Yard finished a tech upgrade, all her other Construction Yards and Command Hubs will also receive this upgrade and will not lose it even if the original Construction Yard is destroyed.
  3. Optimised AI decision making on special abilities usage, for example, timing and targeting. These includes Sledgehammer Assault Gun, Tachi Heavy Cruiser, Xuanwu Submarine, Apocalypse Tank and Javelin.

Bug Fixes


  1. Fixed the bug that some command, Magnetic Singularity for example, may cause desync.
  2. Fixed the bug that on Battlebase Beta (BB) the top spawn point Ore Mine cannot be covered by walls.
  3. Fixed the bug that repair drones may cause desync.
  4. Fixed the bug that Economy Boosted AIs have low tech upgrade priority.


  1. Fixed the bug that structures at the same location with quantum core deployment location will still take damage even if the core is destroyed before arriving.
  2. Fixed the bug that Arcuballista has the wrong opening fire animation location.
  3. Fixed the bug that Xuanming Battlecruiser may cease fire when using ability.
  4. Fixed the bug that Ore Furnace’s turntable will not rotate when being placed on water.
  5. Fixed the bug that AI Bai Kun will load the wrong opening module.
  6. Fixed the bug that Xuanming Battlecruiser can use force attack on tiles.


  1. Fixed the bug that Aircraft Carrier’s ability has unlimited range when stuck.
  2. Fixed the bug that Poseidon Cruiser’s ability has unlimited range when stuck.
  3. Fixed the bug that Lissette will not build units when upgrading.
  4. Fixed the bug that IFV tower becomes invisible when being deployed.
  5. Fixed the bug that Spectrum Tower cannot be charged up correctly when being place on water.
  6. Fixed the bug that Spectrum Tower can charge up any structures.
  7. Fixed the bug that Ares Interceptor will deal splash damage to ground units and structures.
  8. Fixed the bug that Javelin and Multigunner Turret having overly large vision.


  1. Fixed the bug that Stingray will stay out of her firing range.
  2. Fixed the bug that Rhino Tank’s ability has unlimited range when stuck.
  3. Fixed the bug that Tesla Coil will occasionally have zero range.
  4. Fixed the bug that Tesla weapons may not display charge up animation properly.

Rising Sun:

  1. Fixed the bug that Archer Maiden’s basic attack can be blocked by friendly units.
  2. Fixed the bug that King Oni X cannot correctly turn its head to enemies when attacking.
  3. Fixed the bug that Shinzo may load the wrong unit composition module.
  4. Fixed the bug that Wave-Force Artillery will fire a shot with no damage. Wave-Force Artillery must aim at a target to use special ability.
  5. Fixed the bug that Striker VX having overly large vision.

Balance Change


  1. T2 MBT will no longer need to reaccelerate when turning.
  2. Ammunition reload time for Interceptors were decreased from 10 seconds to 8 seconds.
  3. T3 upgrade cost for all factions was increased to around 4000, total time cost was increased to around 90 seconds.
  4. T4 upgrade cost for all factions was increased to around 7000, total time cost was increased to around 120 seconds.
  5. Removed the default 25% damage reduction on all structures. Construction Yards will retain this damage reduction.


  1. Removed Jiwu Bomber’s missiles capability to attack Qinglong Combat Core Ship and Kirov Airship. The missiles gained a dispersion of 50 pixels.
  2. Damage of the Blaze Trooper’s shoulder cannon was reduced from 80 to 50 per shot. The splash shot angle was decreased from 20 degrees to 10 degrees. Knockback Distance was increased from 125 to 155 pixels.
  3. Zhurong Assault Tank HP was decreased from 3000 to 2800. Attack Speed can now stack to 8 instead of 6. Full stack movement speed was increased from 28 to 40 pixels per second. Maximum range was decreased from 400 to 350 pixels. The special ability was changed to resetting attack speed and movement speed and gaining 10 seconds of slow immunity. (25% additional movement speed after the upgrade Driveshaft Enhancement.)
  4. Swiftsure Thunderer damage taken from Cannon was decreased from 50% to 35%.
  5. Swapped the secondary and VLS upgrade order and cost on Qinglong Combat Core Ship.
  6. Special ability range of Baihu Quantum Artillery was increased from 600 to 800 pixels.
  7. Cost of Maglev Miner was increased from 1000 to 1200.
  8. Cost of Ore Furnace was increased from 2000 to 2250.
  9. Repair Lantern repair speed was increased from 8 per tick to 10 per tick.
  10. Jimeng Destroyer special ability was changed to targeted ability Cluster Acoustic Wave. The wave will silence surface ships or submarines in 500 pixels and slow them by 25% for 10 seconds. (Old ability was removed due to unsolvable bug)


  1. Composite Armour upgrade cost was increased. Effect was changed to a defensiveness increase: Rhino Tank and Sledgehammer Assault Gun: 25%; Apocalypse Tank and Union Heavy Tank: 15%. Damage reduction against the Explosive type was removed.
  2. Increased Tesla Trooper attack speed and damage.
  3. Removed the dust effect when Tesla Tank was moving. Tesla Tank stats were balanced and it was added to random unit crate.
  4. Buffed the twin guns of Slava Missile Cruiser to increase her close quarter effectiveness.
  5. Increased V4 Multi-Warheads missile speed to match that of the Precision Warhead.
  6. Apocalypse Tank can no longer crush Steel Ronin.
  7. Change the detonation mechanics of Apocalypse Tank and old Union Tank to random event with approximately 20% chances. The detonation damage was increased.

Rising Sun:

  1. Mecha Tengu HP was increased from 350 to 360. AA Auto cannon damage was increased from 23 to 24. Firing cycle (Shots per attack period) on the ground was increase from 8 to 10.
  2. Archer Maiden damage scale versus Vindicator Bomber, Cryocopter, Twinblade, Zhuque Attack Aircraft and Bifang Support Copter was increased to 150%.
  3. Shogun Battleship main battery maximum dispersion was decreased from 110 to 75 pixels.
  4. Tachi Heavy Cruiser main battery firing range was increased from 500 to 600 pixels. Main battery range when special ability is active was increased from 600 to 700 pixels.
  5. Sakura Kaiten Torpedo cost was decreased from 1000 to 850. Rocket form will use aircraft armour (No longer has damage reduction against Apollo Fighter). Damage versus structure now has a 50% reduction. (Encourage focusing units instead of key structures like Refineries, Construction Yards and Tech Buildings.)
  6. Archer Maiden’s barrage arrow travel speed was increased. Barrage shot damage was increased from 20 to 30.
  7. Imperial Warrior movement speed increase when charging was increased from 150% to 175%. Gained slow immunity during the charge.
  8. Final Squadron damage was increased by 50%. Honourable Discharge will further increase this damage by 33%.


  1. Peacekeeper gained knockback immunity when holding shield.
  2. Mirage Tank deals 125% damage to all infantry units.
  3. Spectrum Tower range when charging up was increased from 400 to 500 pixels.
  4. Cryocopter special ability range was increased from 300 to 350. The cast time was reduced. The missile speed was increased.
  5. Ice block created by Cryocopter can no longer be crushed by any T3 or T4 vehicles.
  6. Adjusted the tech level of Future Tank X-1 to T3.5: requires only Advanced Clearance upgrade and Defence Bureau.

Removed Contents

  1. Soviet old Union Tank will no longer be available for production. It can be acquired from random unit crate.
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commanders, we did it

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