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Corona Mod 3.18A Update Patch Notes. Launcher Update required before Mod update.

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Please Make Sure Your Corona Launcher Is Version 3.2 or Higher. Old Launcher Client May Experience Problem When Updating. Visit for New Version if Needed.


  1. Adjusted and standardised the area of dockyards. Added more distance between the dockyard and rally point. This should reduce the possibility of AI placing the dockyard facing towards shores and causing ships to be stuck.
  2. Replaced all the skill and protocol indicators to multi-layer dynamic indicators.
  3. Added a system to assist AI to evaluate power consumption. This system is expected to optimise the AI’s behaviour on constructing power plants.
  4. Continued to adjust AI strategies to make it more reasonable.
  5. Adjusted the Empire of the Rising Sun faction logo to shift it away from the historical symbol.
  6. Armistice Field can now stop the Sakura Rocket in attacking fly path.
  7. Started to remove RA3 descriptions that intentionally smear the USSR.
  8. Added a weapon for defensive mod Qilin MBT that has closer range and no damage, allowing Qilin to naturally become the frontline under group command but will not charge into hostile formation.

New Contents

  1. New Soviet Campaign Unit: Drift SPAA Gun. Added into random unit crate.
  2. New Soviet Campaign Unit: Salamander IFV. Added into random unit crate.
  3. New Soviet Campaign Unit: Octopus Assault Gun. Added into random unit crate.
  4. New Map: The Suez Channel
  5. New PVE Map: Big Apple
  6. The Celestial miner can be upgraded to a Construction Core after being deployed.

Balance Changes


  1. Adjusted light vehicles and tanks’ movement mechanism. Increased turning speed and acceleration speed.
  2. Decreased the miner excavation efficiency from 300 per cycle to 275 per cycle. (This will emphasise the importance of early game macro and discourage turtle game)


  1. Changed the mechanism of Qilin Breakthrough Tank’s magnetic deflection field. Fixed the incorrect effects before:
    Deflection field will now only deflect physical projectiles. Lighter shells (Small and medium calibre shells and missiles) will be deflected by larger distance. Heavier shells will only be deflected by a small distance. Heavy railgun shells and heavy missiles, as well as diamagnetic projectiles cannot be affected.
  2. Lowered the shell damage of Waverider IFV. Cancelled the dispersion pattern.
  3. Plasma projectile landing location of Baihu Quantum Artillery no longer displayed before firing, instead, it will appear when the projectile was launched.
  4. Lowered Zhuque Attack Aircraft cost to 1400 and build time from 15s to 10s.
  5. Increased Bifang Support Copter cost to 1500.
  6. Lowered Blaze Trooper cost from 300 to 275 and build time from 6s to 5s.
  7. Lowered the Iron Guard build time from 10s to 8s.
  8. Move upgrade Equipment Advancement to Vehicle Workshop. Cancelled the upgrade effect on Wupeng Sub Chaser.
  9. Decreased the main armament loading time of Baihu Quantum Artillery.
  10. Alkaid Sub-Orbital Defence System can now penetrate multiple targets. The penetration damage was reduced but will have multiple hit counts when hitting large units.


  1. Orbital strike from Athena Cannon satellites now deals damage to aircraft passing through it.
  2. Increased Guardian Tank movement speed from 80 to 85.
  3. Increased Future Tank X-1 movement speed from 45 to 50.
  4. Decreased Prism Tank movement speed from 60 to 50.
  5. Decreased IFV health pool. Missile turret traverse angle was limited between +/-120 degrees.
  6. Blackhole Missiles no longer created blackhole force field when being destroyed in-flight.
  7. Vindicator gained additional improvement from Advanced Air Combat Command upgrade: Range increased to 300.
  8. When submarines were forced to surface by Cryocopter’s Flash Freeze Missile, they will remain on surface for additional 5 seconds.


  1. Increased Rhino Tank movement speed from 65 to 70.
  2. Increased Apocalypse Tank movement speed from 50 to 55.
  3. Increased Union Heavy Tank movement speed from 45 to 50.

Rising Sun:

  1. Decreased Tsunami Tank movement speed from 90 to 85.

Bug Fixes

  1. Continued to fix the crashes caused by capital ships. No crash occurred during closed testing. Multiplayer desync issue is still under investigation.
  2. Fixed the bug that multi-turret capital ships are unable to come close to open fire when command is issued outside the range.
  3. Fixed the crash caused by some type of shells.
  4. Fixed the bug that Qilin Breakthrough Tank skill will disable the Cryoshot protocol.
  5. Fixed the bug that Qilin Breakthrough Tank skill will periodically make surrounding units immune to damage.
  6. Fixed the crash caused by Qinglong Combat Core Ship.
  7. Fixed the bug that unit will be instantly destroyed when being chronosphered to the centre of Armistice Field.
  8. Optimised the target acquisition logic of Poseidon Cruiser main battery. The first shot will no longer hit the location of a moving target seconds ago.
  9. Fixed the crash caused by T4 level MCV after re-establishing connection with Boot Camp.
  10. Fixed the bug that Power Tribute may block the Celestial Construction Core.
  11. Fixed the bug that using Centurion protocol on frozen unit will immediately raise the stack to maximum level.
  12. Fixed some bugs caused by defrosting via Bifang Copter or Armilla.
  13. Fixed the bug that Qinglong CCS’s UAV can be release on neutral building but with no effects. (Now cannot target neutral building)
  14. Fixed the bug that Honourable Discharge protocol can upgrade Shogun Battleship’s main batteries.
Radu273 - - 1,425 comments

im so overblown by the changes and cool stufff you add to this mod. i need to try it asap

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illegal_eagle - - 104 comments

can someone please help me find the core files to download? the launcher refuses to download anything. never mind all i needed is to allow access form firewall

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RevolterOcelot - - 30 comments

"7. Started to remove RA3 descriptions that intentionally smear the USSR."
Skill issue

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