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Fixes some bugs with the Eldar AI, single player campaign Sisters of Battle stronghold mission errors and other minor bugs.

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Download it here

CornCobMan's Fun Mod Version Patch

Requires the 2.0.5 installer here:

CornCobMan's Fun Mod version 2.0.5 Installer (fixed again)



Dire Avenger now uses the updated Guardian model (thanks to Kekoulis)
Swapped some single player campaign Honour Guard positions around (e.g. swapped Rangers on the Necron planet with the Dark Reapers on the Ork/SM planet)
Fixed AI error
Fixed some missing sounds for the Warlock

Imperial Guard:

Fixed Honour Guard Regimental Guardsmen Melta Gun upgrade
Updated the Command Squad icons for the campaign menu to match the model


Fixed some missing sounds for the Necron Warrior Reaper and Immortal Tesla Carbine upgrades


Fixed Honour Guard Broadsides not being upgradeable

Sisters of Battle:

Fixed the Sisters of Battle stronghold mission in the single player campaign


Is there a way to replace Space Marine servitors with Techmarines?

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corncobman Author

There is, but I ain't gonna.

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