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Mostly fixes to reported issues and some model fixes. Some new weapon upgrades and balance changes.

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Download it here

CCM Installer 2 0 2

Download the AI Fix here

CornCobMan's Fun Mod 2.0.2 AI Fix





Fixed various issues with models thanks to Kekoulis
Added some win conditions for health regeneration
Made the AI increase the priority of capturing points in the Victory Points win condition


Fixed pink icons for 'Ard Shoota Boyz and 'Ard Tankbustas
Fixed missing Big Mek Kustom Tellyporta research

Imperial Guard:

Fixed missing sounds for the Leman Russ Exterminator Autocannons
Fixed missing icons for the Inquisitor orbitals when Personal Teleport has been researched
Fixed requirements of the Hellhammer, Banesword and the Banehammer so that they appear properly
Added turret Inferno Cannon and Twin-linked Lascannons weapon upgrades for the Leman Russ (thanks to Kekoulis)

Fixed Leman Russ Heavy Stubber missing weapon


Added Holofield Emitter ability for the Scorpion Superheavy Grav Tank with new effects
Added Scorpion, Cobra and Void Spinner voices (thanks to the Unification mod team)

Dark Eldar:

Reaver and Scourge Thermal Lance damage against infantry reduced


Fixed Predator gunner aiming


Fixed missing Advance Build Menu button

Added Breacher and Shas'ui voices (thanks to the Unification mod team)
Added Swordfish voices (thanks to the Unification mod team)

Space Marines:

Fixed Predator gunner aimingFixed Vanguard Veteran Sergeant not upgrading to Plasma Pistol
Terminator Cyclone Missile Launcher reload time reduced from 3 to 1, damage reduced to compensate

Sisters of Battle:

Added specially changed Firesword model by Kekoulis
Fixed the Laud Hailer effects for the Land Raider Redeemer

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