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This release represents a major overhaul to the models of many units thanks to the work of Kekoulis, many new units and improved textures with new enhancements to abilities and effects along with gameplay changes.

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Download it here:

CornCobMan's Fun Mod Version 2.0 Installer



Added some win conditions to restrict certain types of units
Added tier restriction win conditions from the Unification mod (thanks to the Unification mod team)


Chaos Dreadnoughts are now able to upgrade the left arm (thanks very much to Kekoulis for getting the upgrades working)
Added Sonic Blaster and Blast Master upgrades for the Chaos Dreadnought
Chaos Dreadnought upgrade effects changed to use the Chaos effects instead of Space Marines
Modified the effects and icon for the Chosen Rubric Marines Wind of Change ability
Added improved models for Cultists, Obliterator, Possessed Marines, Havocs, Raptors and Raptor Champion (thanks to Kekoulis)
Added Volkite Culverin weapon upgrade for Havocs
Added Volkite Caliver weapon upgrade for Chosen Chaos MarinesAdded Mutilators (thanks to Kekoulis)
Added Warpsmith (thanks to Kekoulis)
Added dummy Aspiring Sorcerer idle voice sounds so they play less often, also made the idle voice quieter
Added Khorne, Nurgle, Slaanesh, Tzeentch and Chaos Undivided Worship abilities for Cultists


Swooping Hawks are no longer transportable
Improved the Fire Prism Prism Cannon firing effects based on the effects from the Redux mod (thanks to Eranthis) and Dawn of Eldar Mod (thanks to Latko Latissimus)
Added Enhanced Eldritch Storm using effects based on the Redux Mod version (thanks to Eranthis) and Dawn of Eldar Mod (thanks to Latko Latissimus)
Changed the Wraithlord model to the one from the Dawn of Eldar mod (thanks to Kekoulis / the Dawn of Eldar mod team)
Added Wraithguard, Wraithlord, Striking Scorpion, Guardian (Swooping Hawk) and Warlock (Seer Council) voices from the Dawn of Eldar mod (thanks to the Dawn of Eldar mod team)

Dark Eldar:

Honour Guard Warp Beasts squad size increased from 1 to 3 and health increased from 1000 to 1500
Warp Beasts can now enter Slave Chambers


Added Lychguard (thanks to Miros, Kekoulis and FragJacker)


Commanders are no longer soft capped at 2

Sisters of Battle:

Missionaries can now worship at a Holy Icon for a boost in Faith regeneration (credit to Green Scorpion and Evil Isador for the Worship minimod)
Modified the icons for Honour Guard Battle Sisters and the Canoness in the single player campaign to more closely match the models
Added improved models for Missionary, Seraphim, Celestians, Battle Sisters, Retributors, Veteran Superiors, Canoness and Immolator (thanks to Kekoulis)
Added Volkite Culverin weapon upgrade for Retributors
Added Dual Flamers weapon upgrade for Seraphim
Added Dual Inferno Pistols weapon upgrade for Seraphim
Added Dual Volkite Serpenta weapon upgrade for Seraphim
Missionary can now upgrade to Plasma Pistol, Shotgun and Inferno Pistol
Missionary Lay Hands regeneration rate reduced from 20 to 15
Added Imagifer leader option for Seraphim
Added Hospitallers (thanks to Kekoulis / Witch Hunters mod team)
Added Zephyrim Squad (more melee combat oriented variant of Seraphim)

Space Marines:

Techmarine can now build structures like Servitors
Added Terminator Apothecary (thanks to Ultimate Apocalypse mod team / Kekoulis)
Apothecary automatically changes to Terminator Apothecary with Heavy Armour Deployment research
Added improved models for Terminators, Devastators, Vanguard Assault and Sternguard Veterans (thanks to Kekoulis)
Force Commander, Chaplain and Librarian can now upgrade to Terminator versions (thanks to Kekoulis)
Added Graviton Gun weapon upgrade for Devastators

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