This is the list of the core missions from the mod. This contains names of missions from duels in several planets.

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Hello there!

Right here I present you a list of the CORE missions from the mod. This will feature every planet in KotOR II with its most important duels (opinion).

This list can change, it is the second revision and almost everything is done.

I still didn't want to reveal this information to you guys, but there had been a couple of weeks without a really good update. So, there you go my fellows, a list to see what is need to be done and what will come.


The Palace mission. Will it follow the Dark Side path or Light Side? Because you placed duels with the other 2 masters , but that is only on the Dark Side path. Or Kavar will be the only Jedi Master you won't fight?

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JamyzGenius Author

I think the Jedi Master missions really deserve a switch between light side or dark side selection. Personally, I wanted to kill all the Jedi Masters, but lets see what happen soon.


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