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See the new engine we have switched to and a list of new features that will be in the game.

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Recently we have decided to change our game engine from UDK to Run3. There were many reasons for the change, mostly the reason was that UDK didn't really allow for us to make things for the game without many work arounds since we didn't have the money to buy autodesk software. With the Run3 engine we also have more control. We will also be able to make ports to many other systems. We are going to try to make ports to mac, iphone, and xbox. And, of course the game will be on the PC.

The first version of game engine splash logo

I felt it was time now to actually release a list of features for the game.
- 100 to 200 Zombies on the map at the time
- Tons of weapons
- Randomly dropped ammunition
- Large map with many rooms
- Addicting gameplay with lots of replay value
- Desura leaderboards
- 4 Player Multiplayer

Now you may be asking how good is the Run3 Engine. Here are a few picture from the game The Long Way, being made by the developer of the Run3 Engine.

The outdoor map(new screenshots)New screens of mapsNew screens of maps

Thanks for all your continued support.
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AssassinAlex18 - - 175 comments

I'm fine with engine changes, But please don't let this become a Valve time game.

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SnowLeopardJb - - 11 comments

We are trying not to. Its just because of the computer problems we have been having lately it is just not going well. We still are going to try to get a release out sometime in December.

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Sgw32 - - 212 comments

Hello everyone! I'm a lead developer(and only one developer :) ) of this engine!

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