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Contra 008 changelog (part 3) Fixed errors, Balance Fixes, Other changes.

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Contra 008 changelog (part 3)

Bugs fixed:

- GPS Scrambler made bikers invisible even when they used abilities (booby trap, capture building and so on). Fixed. They don't stay invisible when capturing buildings anymore.
- GLA Jamming Station was fixed: it blackens the map properly now.
- When GLA bikers were killed, both riders and pieces of meat flew in different directions. It was not logical. Meat was removed.
- Planes had too slow reaction: it took too long time to acquire target in attack move and guard modes. Fixed.
- Laser general's super power plant switched to undamaged model on death. Fixed.

Text fixes:

- Burton had wrong timer on his A-10 call button. Fixed.
- Tank General's Gauss Cannon required 1 point of power, but description said about 3 points. Fixed.

Balance changes:

- All: Oil Derricks, Oil Refineries and other neutral structures don't give experience anymore.
- All: Game dynamics was changed. Health/cost/build time ratios were recalculated the following way: money gaining speed was lowered 2 times; build time for all units was increased 2 times; building armor was lowered by 25%.
- USA: Patriot does not shot down missiles anymore.
- USA: Spy Drone (general's power) reveals stealth units now.
- USA: Repair Drone (flying one) costs $200 and repairs faster now.
- USA: Missile Drone (flying one) does not attack infantry anymore.
- USA: Minigun Drone (flying one) was turned into sniper drone: it does not attack vehicles and is more effective vs infantry.
- AF general: Comanche can launch 1 Scout Drone only. Launch Drone ability is onetime use now.
- AF general: Chimeras' missiles have more scatter area and thus, they can damage more units.
- Laser general: Annihilator cost increased from $2500 to $3000.
- China: Airfields became available at rank 1.
- Tank general: J-10 is available at rank 1.
- Infantry general: J-10 is available at rank 1.
- Nuke general: Iron Dragon was weakened and became available at rank 1.
- GLA: Mortar Buggies attack range was increased and shell speed was lowered. This change shifts Mortar Buggy from close combat to artillery role.
- GLA: Sneak attack tunnel deployment time was increased by 50%. So, there are more chances to destroy it before it is late.
- Toxin general: New upgrade: Karakourt engine improvement.
- Assault general: Stinger soldier was removed from Marauder.
- Assault general: Hijackers were added.
- Demo general: I reconsidered my previous decision and made Nuclear Bomb Trucks to be able to go into tunnels again.
- Stealth general: Hazael rate of fire was lowered.
- Stealth general: Anti-radar missiles rate of fire was lowered.
- Stealth general: Sniper cost increased from $600 to $700.

Other changes:

- All: Generals have individual icons now.
- All: Assault rifles and machineguns can not fire at tanks anymore.
- All: Aircraft armed with anti-tank missiles can not fire at soldiers anymore.
- All: Money Drop ability has less delay now: cargo planes will appear from behind the nearest to target edge of the map.
- All: Radiation was redrawn (you saw screenshots already)
- AF general: AC-150 removed.
- AF general: Sequential airfield removed.
- Cyber general: Drone controller can transport infantry now. It can be useful to put cyborgs equiped with drones there. More drones will fly around controller.
- China generals: All china generals can build groups of 4 hackers. It decreases micro management.
- Tank general: ECM Troop Crawler was replaced with standard China ECM tank.
- Stealth general: Jammer Station does not reveal stealth units any longer, but can turn off unit control (enemy units located too close to Jammer Station become uncontrollable).
- Stealth general: Fake units building was remade. You can select as many units as you want and order to build fakes to all of them. Fake unit build button is not blocked when you select a group.


- 1st and 6th single player missions for GLA were finished.
- New multiplayer maps were added: War Place, Scorched City and Road


Мощно сработано. Good work!

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YES! Great work! Thanks for the information!

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well there are serius changes :
- All: Assault rifles and machineguns can not fire at tanks any more.
- All: Aircrafts armed with antitank missiles can not fire at soldiers any more

is this can be change in 009 to old version if players found this not good ?

btw why AC-150 is removed ? i love that ****.

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I see you are doing a lot of work as usual :D

Thanks for all the effort you have been putting into this.

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Thanks V,M
But.... plz plz plz...
Add Some Defenses to Nuke General, may be a gattling cannon or something like that.
note that he can`t defend his base with only attack !!??
when U Play As AF General U Will Crash His Base Easily
and in challenge Mode He Is the easiest General at all!!

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AF Gen without AC-150?
How should i survive fighting against Inf Gen with those Miniguns?
They kill my choppers before they can attack them...and the Humvee is also to weak...i guess the Inf Gen can now easily overpower AF Gen...

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it seems that some people don't like the idea of removing ac-150 from AF gen. But, it makes sense because AF gen got a lot of others stuff that people can use and the fact that ac-150 is really abusable. i mean, c'mon now, you get FREE rangers and missile defenders from the ac-150. so much so that you end up barely even using you're real barracks.

nice job nonetheless. keep it up.

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nevermind, i was think about the spartan transport. but anyways, for people who rely on the AC-150, use more bombers like the F-16XL or something. They do wonders against groups and armor.

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Maybe you guys wanna take a look at these:
1- S.W general's col. burton?, I mean come on!, Robot general's Burton can **** a whole base up!
2- Af general need SNIPERS to take infantry out, it's so easy to over run an air force base by infantry, otherwise the king raptors armed with only 4 missiles while chinese intercepters have 6 and more armored so wtf?, the AF strategic bombartment should be little stronger right?
3- vorex cannons shoot missiles down?!, why did you cancel this function from patriots?(or mabe you should change it's name)

One more thing: I have a real problem with challinge mode, when I play vs leang i don't receive any Gen. promotion Why?, is that a bug?
Thanks, contra is the best ZH mod XD...

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