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Contra 008 changelog (part 11) Fixed errors, Changes, Maps, Canceled changes.

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Fixed errors:

- GLA hole did not appear when GLA airfield was destroyed. Fixed.
- Auroras did not damage Laser general's avengers. Fixed.
- GLA Worker had "S" hotkey for both "stop" and "build missile silo" commands. Fixed. Missile Silo has new hotkey now.
- Infantry general's jammer troopers could not be affected by cloning general's power. Fixed.
- If you capture toxin general's building with contamination around, then you can not turn contamination off. Fixed.
- AI did not use China Red Arrows. Fixed.
- Neutron bomb did not explode on bridges. Fixed.
- When GLA Demo Trap exploded, red field appeared on the ground and blinked. Fixed.
- Super weapon general's Missile Fire Base had error in description. Fixed.
- Acid and toxin streams disappeared in front of target. Fixed.
- There was a problem with WorldBuilder. If you selected some objects, WB displayed an error. Fixed.
- When a nuclear missile or seismic shell hits a super unit, it gets rotated randomly and sticks into ground with its nose or with its back. Fixed.
- Different units had replics with different volume. Fixed.
- Cyber Commando had a bug with its weapon. If you clicked "Take off" and "Land" buttons very fast, it fired with much faster rate. Fixed.
- If tank general had engineering TC then dozer selection button selected TC instead of a dozer. Fixed.


- The picture which appears with shell map off was changed.
- Neutral radar was added.
- Resource system has been recalculated once more. Supply Centers cost less now.
- USA: Spy Satellite detects stealth now. It detects everything except infantry and mines.
- Air Force: New target designator (Colossus with Sparrowhawk) was fully finished.
- Cyber: Infantry has been redrawn.
- Cyber: Particle Cannon can not build drones any more (there were bugs because of it).
- Super weapon: Solar Panels lower energy requirements by 50% now (was 75%).
- Laser: Electricity net connection has new graphic effect.
- Laser: Burton can not be disabled because of low power.
- China: All War Factory upgrades were moved to Internet Center.
- China: Dragon Tanks bring 15% lower damage to tanks and buildings now.
- China: Dragon Tank does not have Fire Wall ability in the beginning, but can receive it later, after upgrade.
- China: New upgrade: Pneumocussion. Allows Dozers to move by water.
- Tank: Manticore damage has been reviewed once again. It brings 25% less damage to land units now.
- Tank: Banshee was renamed to Leisheng.
- Tank: Red Guard - assault rifle was replaced with usual rifle.
- Nuke: Yanwang has got individual upgrade for $2000, which increases its firepower 2 times, but Yanwang loses ability to fire at air units. This upgrade is locked in the beginning and can be unlocked by "MIRV" general's power.
- Nuke: Multiwarhead nuclear missile upgrade is locked now. It can be unlocked by "MIRV" general's power.
- Nuke: Nuclear MIG missiles fly slower now and don't home their target.
- Flame: New unit: Fuel truck. Available in Command Center at 1st rank. It can't attack, but can spill fuel, which can be ignited later.
- Flame: Zu Rong super tank can create moving firestorm, which crawls and burns everything on its way. This ability is locked and can be unlocked by general's power.
- Infantry: Old artillery cannon was replaced with new gattling artillery.
- Infantry: Power Plant changes its look when you put soldiers inside. So, both you and your enemy can see which power plants are garrisoned and which are not garrisoned.
- Infantry: Grenade launcher firing sound was replaced with a better one.
- GLA: Terrorists and Mototerrorists don't damage friendly units now.
- GLA: Radar Van requires Arms Dealer now.
- GLA: Radar Van upgrade is available in Black Market now.
- GLA: Technical, Rebel, Biker and Tunnel Network receive more significant bonus from AP bullets upgrade: they start to bring more damage to armored units.
- GLA: Scorpion missiles can retarget now.
- GLA: Demo Traps are visible when under construction. They become invisible after costruction is complete.
- Stealth: As you know, Command Trucks and Tunnels have explosive missiles. But they looked exactly as Scorpion's AP missiles. I've fixed it. Explosive missiles have different look now.
- Stealth: Gun Buggy can jam aircrafts now. It fires a beam, which prevents aircrafts from firing.
- Stealth: New general's power: Panic Attack. I took Panic Attack from remix and changed it slightly. This power forces enemy units to go berserk and fire at random places.
- Toxin: Neutralizers upgrade affects yellow clouds too.
- Demo: Mini radar was added. It can be deployed by Radar Van and can detect stealth aircrafts.


- Casojin's shellmap was inserted into the game.

Cancelled changes:

- Listening Outposts were returned to War Factory because they could become rush unit.

White_Hand - - 473 comments

- GLA Worker had "S" hotkey for both "stop" and "build missile silo" commands. Fixed. Missile Silo has new hotkey now.

superweapon's SSM launcher has "S" hotkey too

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РredatoR - - 3,850 comments

I will check if it's already fixed. This change log is still older than the current progress I think. Thanks for the report.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
РredatoR - - 3,850 comments

Okay, I checked it, it's still there and we will fix it.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Mernom - - 718 comments

is 008 is downloadable already,or it will be released in some time?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
РredatoR - - 3,850 comments

008 is not downloadable yet. It will be released when it's finished. Have patience.

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Superjeno - - 274 comments

can't wait! so many changes!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
chrisbord - - 2 comments

Can't freaking wait. I've been playing this game for eight years, never gets old.

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Evan - - 233 comments

- Neutral radar was added.

What is this?

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РredatoR - - 3,850 comments

I think Creator is talking about the new Tech building. The radar, which is neutral, until you capture it.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Araghast - - 16 comments

What will be the difference between the normal radar compared to the neutral one when captured?

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РredatoR - - 3,850 comments

The new radar is a tech building, not a map radar. There it is -
Read the description to the right of the image for more information.

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tria1999 - - 12 comments

I think it would be a good idea to move the nuclear missile silo at rank 3, the nuclear storm at rank 5 and the upgrades of the nuclear missile silo to the nuclear storm.

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Panzerman447 - - 11 comments

i went threw the change-logs and no one has anything on a bug I've seen. i think it is either gla stealth, or china tank, but when you formation them (Ctrl-F) some go to some random place on the map. i remember it happening with flame tank and another unit but it was weird.

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Panzerman447 - - 11 comments

oh, also i had an idea if possible. is there a way to enable/disable teammates to use your tunnel network but like only the owner of the tunnel network can take them out. it would, make 2v2's and 3v3's a whole lot more team orreanted with GLA and stuff. maybe build bunkers with china and Enable/Disable teammate use. and usa stratigy center Enable/Disable effects on teamates. (like S&D works on teammates units aswell)

JUST A THOUGHT, and wondering if it was possible, and if y'all could do it. anybody fill free to say it isn't a good idea, but i thought that would be cool.

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