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[Installation method] 1.Delete the Data folder(Zero HourV1.04) 2.Copy all the files and Folder to the game directory (Note: You need a working ZH1.04 as a carrier!NOT any version for Continue Mod as a carrier!) How to play Navy mode? First you need to choose a map with the suffix of [naval battle],Then train the ShipyardMCV in the war factory(All generals can build it),Take the MCV to sea for deployment

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Generals Zero Hour Continue V2.5

[Overall change]
a.Official campaign reduction(Attached movie files)
1-8:Generals Campaign
9-13:Generals Zero Hour Campaign
14-18:Generals Zero Hour Continue Campaign
19-30:New General ChallengeMode

b.New Naval Battle Maps:
Dark Mountain
Flash Effect
Tournament Coastline

c.Dozer and supply trucks of all factions no longer Create Crate

d. Nuclear radiation damage to tank armor reduced from 50% to 40%

e.SMALL_ARMS and INFANTRY_MISSILE damage on StructureArmorTough and StructureArmor reduced from 50% to 40%

f.All shipyard prices are reduced from 1500 to 1000

g.Anyone playing as Random has his army revealed on the loading screen for all players.

h. The water surface effect is now improved12345

i.New CivilianBuilding Jefson Kremlin LincolnHall Pentagon, They will appear in some mapsfile 20

j. All nuclear weapons preparation time has been reduced from 6 minutes to 5 minutes

k. All scud storm preparation time has been reduced from 5 minutes to 6 minutes

l. Abandoned window menu activation
[ALL America]

file 30

a.Paladin Tank Point-Defense Laser delay between shots decreased from 1000 to 850

b.Optimized the map of the Black Hawk helicopter, and the training time was reduced from 1400/25 to 1200/20

c.Sentry Tower Weapon Range increased from 125 to 150

d.Flash Bang Upgrade training time reduced from 30 seconds to 20 seconds

e.Stealth Fighter:
Bunkerbuster blast time reduced from 2 seconds to 1 second.
Missile damage to ECM tanks has been increased from 100% to 185%

f.The damage of Comanche armor from SMALL_ARMS, GATTLING, INFANTRY_MISSILE, EXPLOSION is reduced from 120%, 120%, 120%, 130% to 100%, 100%, 100%, 110%

g.Aircraft carrier:Bird helicopter can be upgraded

h.ScoutDrone:The range of invisibility detection from 150 is reduced to 100

i.Patriot Truck model and voice changes: can detect invisibility; small laser point defense, upgrade radar

j. The movement SpeedDamaged of all Humvee has been increased from 30 to 25

k. The Apache Rocket pod was changed to launch a heavy missile

l. Hardened Missiles Upgrade change:Now The Patriot Missile Truck Weapon cannot be intercepted or jammed,It’s not an increase 25% Damage

m. Chinook: Now immune to EMP attacks
[America Commander in chief]

file 35

a. The training time at the airport has been reduced from 30 seconds to 25 seconds
b. DaisyCutter bombs are no longer used in challenge mode for AI

[America Air Force General]

file 34

a.Comanche promotion criteria changed from 0/100/200/400 to 0/200/400/800.

b.Fighter laser point defense system:Patriot Missiles, MissileDefender Laser Missiles, TOW Missiles now require two laser countermeasures to be intercepted

c. Rocket Humvee Replaces Tomahawk Missilefile 25

[America Laser General]

file 33

a. Laser stealth fighterfile 15

b. The training time at the airport has been reduced from 30 seconds to 25 seconds

c. Laser Crusader Activation Weapon Recoil Bone
[America SuperWeapon General]

file 32

a. AuroraAlpha Cost 2000 increased to 2500

b. Militia Missile Replaces Tomahawk Missilefile 17

c. EMP Mobile Patriot missile system

d. Marine changed to Ranger

e. Unit cost changes:Humvee 850 to 800,Crusader 1100 to 1050,Paladin 1350 to 1250, Microwave 1100 to 1000
[America LandForce General]

file 31

a.Paladin Lord Tank's Laser point defense weakened

b.Supply Truck can no longer upgrade Drone

c. Cruise Missile Strike changed to A10 strike


d. Humvee Cost 600 increased to 650

e. F16-fighter Cost 1200 increased to 1400

[ALL China]

file 29

a.Navy adds DreadnoughtCannonfile 18

b.National spirit and patriotism cost/training time changed from 2000/60 to 1500/45.

c.All Chinese armed helicopters 10 cost +100

d.Mortar soldiers now have their own voice

e.SubliminalMessaging Upgrade Cost increased from 600 to 1000

f.Cash Hack Amount increased from 1000/2000/4000 to 1500/3000/4500

g. Battle master machine gun weapon damage reduced from 8 to 6

h. Speak tower(include Subliminal Messaging) fire rate bonus reduced from 25% to 20%

i. TankHunterMissile FuelLifetime changed from 1250 to 3000

[China Commander in chief]

file 41

a. The nuclear cannon price has been revised from 1750 to 1600
[China Tank General]

file 40

a.The premise for the construction of mortar soldiers was changed from war factory to a propaganda center

b.The field gun model has been changed, the damage type has been changed from armor-piercing shells to EXPLOSION

file 21

c.ArmorSearch:Changed to Listening Outpost jeep,Can no longer be infiltrated by hijackers; Hulk display error problem fixedfile 26

d.AutoLoad Upgrade cost/training time changed from 3000/60 to 3500/60.

e. Emperor Tank promotion criteria changed from 0/400/600/1200 to 0/400/800/1400

[China Infantry General]

file 39

a.New Unit Grenade Soldierfile 19

b.New model of TroopCrawler,Two vehicles can be produced at a time, moving faster but not capable of detecting invisibilityfile 12

[China Nuke General]

file 37

a.The HP of the Nuclear Red Guard has been reduced from 120 to 100

b.Nuclear Battlemaster:The damage has been corrected from 75 to 60

c.DF31-nuclear missile replaces nuclear cannonfile 4

d.IronDragon nuclear missile strike replaces split nuclear bomb(5 star General Power)

e. Advanced Nuclear Reactor EnergyProduction reduced from 18 to 16

[China Flame General]

file 38

a. DF Napalm Missile Replaces Rocket Missile Launcherfile 8

b. Inferno Rocket Launcher Replaces Inferno Cannonfile 6

c. Mammoth Tank Replaces Overlord Tank, Cost 2100 increased to 2200file 16

d. Turbo engine upgrades no longer increase tank health, and the cost and upgrade time have been reduced from 2000/60 to 1500/45

e. Flame master tank replaces battle master, model, voice, icon change,Cost 850 increased to 900

file 7

f. Unit cost changes:Tank Hunter 350 to 375,Hacker 680 to 780, SiegeSoldier 450 to 525, BlackLotus 1600 to 1875

[All GLA]


a.Fortified Structure upgrade damage offset reduced from % to , cost/training time changed from 1000/40 to 1500/50.

b.Super weapons no longer respond to Fortified Structure upgrades

c.The upgrade time of workers' shoes from 10 seconds to 20 seconds

d.The cost of AnthraxBeta and AnthraxGamma upgrades has been reduced from 2000 to 1500

e.The movement speed of all hijackers has been increased from 30/20 to 40/40, and the health value has been changed from 100 to 120

f.New Unit:Toxin Sprayer

g.Zero fighter texture optimization

h.Quad Cannon will be randomly produced in four different forms12

i.ShipYard:Increase the fuel tank upgrade, which can increase the ship’s movement speed by 20%

j.All GLA can train quad cannon boats

k. Zero fighter training time reduced by 1 second, Voice change

l. Small Poison and medium Poison damage increased

m. TunnelDefenderMissile FuelLifetime changed from 1250 to 3000
n. The texture of the balloon has been changed, now it looks more durable
[GLA Commander in chief]

file 46

a.Cancellation of veteran Scorpio training

b.Fixed the bug that the ancient cannon would not automatically attack after being invisible
[GLA Toxin General]

file 45

a.DemoTrap no longer reduces damage

b.The speed of the Scorpio tank rocket has been revised from 270 to 1000

c.Marauder model modificationfile 28

c. Baikonur Launcher Replaces scud Launcherfile 48

[GLA Demolition General]

file 44

a. BattleBus:The Demotrap deployment time has been reduced from 5 seconds to 3 seconds
b. White Phosphorus Truck Replaces Toxin Truck
c. Topol Launcher Replaces Nuke scud Launcher

file 47

d. T54 Tank Replaces Scorpion


e. T72 Tank Replaces Marauder


[GLA Stealth General]

file 42

a.Fixed the bug that the ancient cannon would not automatically attack after being invisible

b.RadarVan model modification


C.Hijacker:The price of 600 is reduced to 400, and it is no longer invisible when moving

d.Light Battle Bus
[GLA Salvage Junk General]

file 43

a.Baikonur Missile:Fixed the bug that the launch pattern would display to enemies

b. Desert tiger transferred to stealth general,Promotion criteria changed from 0/100/200/400 to 0/200/400/800.

c.Modification and optimization of the model and icon of the modified Technical and modified toxin truck

d.Heavy BombTruckfile 23

e.Rocket Buggy changed to Rocket Jeep

file 22

f.Air defense gun replaces Stinger Site

g. Scorpion tank training time increased from 7 seconds to 8 seconds

h. Marauder tank training time increased from 10 seconds to 12 seconds

i. Baikonur Launcher

1. The unofficial map does not support the AI of the three commanders in chief
2. Only official naval battle maps support naval mode

[Continue Campaign]

Survivor Location: Hamburg, Germany
Though the Chinese have won the battle and controlled Europe, the forces supporting GLA still exist. This is a break of Juhziz general plan
Degree of Difficulty:Easy

Secret action Location: Cairo
The main force of the United States has been contracted to the country, and a small number of remaining US troops are still stationed in Cairo. General, this is a great opportunity to control Egypt

Warlord Location: Tripoli, Libya
The warlords in Libya are fighting wars, making use of their chaos to continue to strengthen our strength.

Dense defense line Location: Somalia
The United States fearless fleet is deployed in Somalia, and we are going to wipe out this threat.

Cairo Commando Location: Cairo
GLA fled and continued to expand their territory. Intelligence shows that General Juhziz has already possessed certain nuclear weapons technology, and military action is imminent.

Joint action Location:Cairo
GLA fled and continued to expand their territory,and the United Nations army must pay them.Intelligence shows that general Juhziz has already possessed certain nuclear weapons technology,and action is imminent.

Avenger Location:Berlin
The remaining troops of general Juhziz fled to Germany to launch a final attack on Hamburg.

Plain assault Location:Sultan
Sultan's rebel Ma'Kal announced its loyalty to GLA and controlled the Sultan government.China will send the best tank division to carry out this task.

Rebel forces Location:Nigeria
Intelligence points out that another warlord Samakah announced his loyalty to the GLA recently.He was told that he had received the true biography of Dr.Thrax and specializes in chemkal weapons.

Wrath of the tiger Location:Algeria
By the time of decisive battle with GLA leaders,the enemy possessed super conventional weapons.So China had to send dragon general Leang to carry out this operation.

Last Crusader Location:Texas
According to CIA intelligence,the last GLA warlord Haleeb wanted by the United Nations was still active,and he escaped under the siege of china.However,the rich and followers of the Haleeb still easily controlled South America,and now they have started the plan to attack the United States.

Dog of war Location:Florida
Haleeb's armored division controlled the coastal areas of Florida and controlled a large number of our resources.General,it was time to send the most elite army to its battle.

Rainfall operations Location:Havana Cuba
General Chen was defeated when he attacked GLA base in Cuba and was captured by general Haleeb.

Unknown enemy Location:Somewhere in Cuba
Although Haleeb was wiped out,intelligence shows that South America is still under the control of unknown GLA forces.

Mutants Location:Haiti
We found a secret base of GLA in a Secret Forest in Haiti,and discovered the last enemy,the TRX mutant.



Love the new models!

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