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We're introducing two new characters and new features!

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👋 Hey Everyone!

This update is BIG – apart from bringing in TWO fan-favorite characters, we're introducing some new in-game mechanics to extend the gameplay further and randomize each playthrough. Details below!

Added two new playable characters - Ana and Viktor


Ana and Viktor are joining the pool of characters you can control. Each of them comes with unique cards and a playstyle. If you like a more direct approach, you'll appreciate Viktor's Axe with a hidden surprise for those who don't know when to run. Ana is entirely different – she's in love with any weapon, just waiting to put a bullet or a blade into anyone who interferes on her journey. To better portray what we're talking about, look at these GIF, which shows the difference in basic attack combo between all the characters.


Just a tiny detail - due to your pact with Bliss, Rene can morph his image into someone he knows very well. This is why you're not exactly playing as Ana or Victor, and thanks to that, he can get closer to all faction leaders and understand their point of view and create relationships with them.

Added Daily Quest system – Favors


Favors are daily quests for each of the in-game factions. These can vary from day to day, but the rewards behind them are worth the time.

Added Faction Influence Levels and their rewards


Doing Favors will increase the number of your Influence Levels and help you unlock Faction Rewards. Influence level, in other words, is how the game will change if one of the factions is dominating. With each level, you'll receive a reward like in-game currency, materials, or unique cards o your deck.

Added New, Unique type of Cards – Keepsakes

Every character has its special item; these items allow Rene to transform into them and use their abilities, we call them Keepsakes, and these make a difference... Those unique cards strongly change the game's basic mechanics [e.g., affect how cooldown works]. They also change the balance of decks and some builds, further increasing the Liberte's replayability.

There can be three cards of this type in a deck. To start with, we have prepared 12 different Keepsakes, but this number will undoubtedly change in the future.


That pretty much sums up today's update. Thank you for your patience and constant feedback. We appreciate your opinions and suggestions via Steam Community comments or over Discord. Join us there and leave feedback about the game and the newest update!

Have a great day!

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