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Ok, this is more a confirmation than a notice, i already find help from a coder, his name is EDOC_32, he already made a code for the dog NPC, it its still in progress, but im trying to test it in a map, i will make a dog model and aniamtions for it of course

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As i said above, i find help from EDOC_32 and he made a code for dogs, althought that code its newly its still in development, i even cant say its in alpha, but i will test it once he make the cfg file whit the entities of the dog, if EDOC_32 still wanting to help, i cna say for sure that there will be more animals NPC comming soon, so its definitive, THE DOG ITS CONFIRMED AND WILL BE A NEW NPC IN THE MOD! for now thats all i can say, but if soem will be enemyes or friendly isnt at all sure, but they will make a apperance in the mod as NPCS, so you people can expect updates soon about the dog... and others animals...

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