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Complex Simple needs some videos from players, share your gaming video and show off your combat skills now!

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Upload your videos of Complex Simple here

(The webpage of Complex Simple is open media, whatever you can contribute is appreciated)

Since the begining of this mod, all my efforts have been focusing on developing, it's been a long time since the last video from me was made. As the game becomes so complex now, it can be confusing for the new comers to catch on what this mod is about and how to play. Hence I hope players who are already enjoying this mod can record some videos while playing and share them here. Videos that serve tutorial function are the most helpful, but any other topic is also welcomed. Finally, I will not delete any video uploaded here unless the uploader himself requests; any video you upload will be perpetually preserved on the webpage of Complex Simple!

1. If you want to make a video with some degree of motif, you can show off your combat skills, showcase your favourite units, maps or weapons, or just demonstrate the stuff you think really funny and want to mess around with XD
2. Resolution should be higher than 480p, because below that the video is just too blurred to see the details
3. You should put the version you are playing in the video or description, so that others in the future can know what version that is, for example, Complex Simple 2.4
4. If you are not a good English talker, no problem, you can use subtitle, or simply nothing besides the background music...

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