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Latest playable version of Complex EVO is available on ModDB.

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This version includes the singleplayer campaign, episode one and two, the third and last (the final battle) will be available in February 2022.
The team is moving development to Era One, a new innovative project based on the Unreal Engine.
The Kickstarter campaign will start on December 15th 2021, we would be proud to have you with us!



Complex EVO dev. log

dev. build 47
-SP ep. two, the destruction of the giant asteroid no longer causes the mission to end
-CPU players fire less remote weapons
-SP ep. two, the game no longer crashes at the end of the mission, before entering the hyperspace gate
-improvements to CPU players, especially in how they gather resources and perform formations in battle
-Several typo corrections

dev. build 46
-SP campaign, episode 2, complete
-"Population" added as a new gameplay parameter (MP/SP)
-added a new UI command "Launch All Docked Warships"
-battle reinforcements of CPU players now are based on CPU personality (defensive->berseck)
-CPU players no more jump inside the enemy gravity wells
-Now remote weapons work in SP campaign
-Maximum hyperspace cost doubled for massive capital ships
-Increased the rendering priority of several explosion FXs, so explosions are better on actual high-end systems
-Now the "starting honor" is calculated for any single player, all players starts with 0 honor points
-Patchers always repair in aggressive tactic
-Increased the gap between easy and high game difficulty
-Research speed upgrades added for Kadeshi
-Fixed a bug where the Miner Missele takes damage if docked
-The weapon cone of the Kadeshi Mothership has been changed so it can easily attack big Capital ships
-SP ep. one, fixed a bug where the main target asteroid was not removed if the scene was skipped
-SP ep. one, now it's more easy exiting from the nebula with the Core, for the Hiigaran Carrier
-SP ep. one, fixed a bug where the Scavenger One was not correctely shown near the asteroid (non-skipped cutscene)
-Reduced the rate and duration of several FXs, better performance and no more missing FXs due to the high graphic load
-Added a rapid UI back button for the detectability/energy detail menu
-SP ep. one, added scouts in intro cutscene one

dev. build 45
-SP, implemented the level of difficulty (easy/normal/hard)
-SP, all cutscenes are now skippable
-SP, general improvements on cutscenes.. cameras.. timing and effects
-Fixed a bug where the Anti-Radiation module was automatically built on ships inside the nebulae, even for non-cpu players
-SP, fixed a critical bug where MP scripts were executed in SP generating malfunctions such as military parades of uncontrollable fighters...
-SP ep. one, fixed a bug where the Scaffold arrive wasn't correctely shown
-SP ep. one, fixed a bug where the Hyperspace Core would not appear if the Carrier arrived at its destination before the full upgrade of the Mothership
-SP ep. one, slightly decreased the difficulty when the carrier is reaching the Mothership for the first time
-SP ep. one, improved positioning and visual appearance of hyperspace gates

dev. build 44
-Option to disable the in-game real-time cutscenes added for the custom skirmish game mode
-A quick UI window showing the game situation has been added for the Battlefield game mode
-SP Ep. one - fixed a bug where the Carrier was destroyed before the cutscene started
-SP Ep. one - slightly decreased the difficulty in some parts (The Core, A jump into the unknown)
-CPU enabled to attack any type of subsystem (skirmish and battlefield), and subs attack priorities changed (they attack big production first)
-Fixed a bug where the CPU players didn't build Shipyards (hgn, vgr), in Skirmish
-Improved the CPU attack waves in Battleship game mode, they break strike groups and target subsystems
-Vaygr Fortress resistence and fire power increased
-Battlefield game mode can be played again, fixed the bug that blocked the unit limit
-CPU players better defend the Mothership in the Battlefield game mode
-Fixed a bug where the navigation icons in SP campaign and in some MP maps were not correctly viewed
-Navigation icons now are displayed as default at the beginning of the game

dev. build 43
-CPU players no longer hyperspace inside/through the gravity well generator
-Improvements on flight maneuvers of Kadeshi frigates
-Win and defeat conditions restored, the game ends and the stats are viewable
-Battlefield game settings fixed to fast, unit cap fixed to huge
-the Battlefield game mode works again (skirmish AI has been disabled)
-fixed a bug in the Battlefield game mode where the battle time was not reset causing the player to systematically lose 1 out of 3 rounds
-decreased the frequency and probability with which the CPU attacks by remote weapons
-dev. maps no longer available
-several typo corrections

dev. build 42
-Vaygr/Taiidan/Kushan/Turanic Motherships now can revert the stealth orders (clear commands)
-Kadeshi max unit capacity now works correctly
-Kadeshi max unit capacity no more exceed the max units number on high and huge settings

dev. build 41
-The whole speech and voices of the Complex Evo campaign have been recorded from scratch, voices from Jason Millward
-Anti-missile systems for minelayer corvettes now work properly, also they give priority to remote weapons, better CPU behaviour in defensive tactics
-Nebulae have colours more intense and they are more visible, also some improvements on size and position have been implemented
-Non-combat ships gain less experience points, also experience has been removed from several non-combat units, better performance
-Nuclear Ovule added for the Kadeshi Mothership/Fleet
-Fighters/Corvettes have a new UI so you can check ROE/Stance from a larger distance
-Implemented the Kadeshi Mothership Radiation Cloak
-Implemented the new Kadeshi MultiCannon Frigates (I/L Type)
-Mesh render limit of wrecks has been increased so the battle fields are more immersive now
-CPU players break strike groups when they attack, they are more performing, a lot of positioning problem have been fixed
-General layout revisiting for all the Facility Icons
-new FXs for the ion cannons impact on hitten ships, and many graphic improvements
-Modular cannon added to the Kadeshi Mothership, 3 variants: Laser/Ion/Bulk Cannon, 3D animation, FXs, SFXs
-Now the Turanic Ion Array Frigate and Modular Frigate close their fire animation correctly when finish to kill the enemies
-The cost of all technological research (red icons) has been increased by 50% to encourage the use of all levels of the game as well as a more linear development
-Added the missing research "BomberHeavyPlasmaBomb" for the Vaygr, so the Bombers now have the heavy plasma attack
-New map: Enemy Lines
-Bug: the level navigation bar is now shown when a game is loaded.
-CPU players now handle and build composite shields correctly
-general UI and FXs revisiting for nebulae/radiations, now the radiation FX changes based on the radiation damage/intensity
-ship pings removed from tai/kus controllers if inactive, better performance
-Several improvements on ship tumbling functions, (shockwave, called after a nearby explosion), no more infinite tumbling for fighters and corvettes
-Kadeshi Advanced Swarmer: model completion, general tuning
-Added the Complex EVO and Kadeshi badges
-Now Hiigaran CPU builds Pulsar Fighters
-Kushan Scaffold now is correctly counted in the "Unit Cap" menu
-Kadeshi Swarmer: model completion, general tuning, weapons FX color changed from red to purple
-Kadeshi Resource Collector: model completion, general tuning, "anti-radiation mode" ability added as new command (taskbar)
-"Engage Target Type" added as new command (fleet)
-SP: the Karan S'Jet voice is enable when she returns to the Mothership (Mothership launch, it's disabled at the beginning)
-SP: Ep. 1 The Mothership Resque, capturing the Ion Array Frigates no longer stops the mission
-kamikaze attack power, increased for all fighters (0.35->0.5)
-Containers no longer remain blocked into resource controllers when docking
-Improvements for the Miner Missile (speed, acceleration, damage) to avoid the "stuck" bug near the close asteroids
-now the SFX of the remote weapons engine starts when they are launched
-Support Modules no longer remain blocked into resource controllers when docking
-The Fusion ability now is managed and displayed correctly for the Turanic Raiders Carrier
-Battlefield game mode: more possibilities to have attack waves not in strike groups
-fixed a critical bug where the game crashes if a non-Kushan player captures a Kushan builder ship
-missing weapon fire FX added for the Turanic Rainders Minelayer Corvette
-attack style range, increased by 5% for fighters and corvettes
-several typo corrections

dev. build 40
-SP: added a text introduction for each episode section
-SP: Ep. 1 Take Command, implemented a limited time for entering the nebula
-SP: skip order removed from the "Scaffold scene", "black screen" bug fixed
-squadrons of fighters and corvettes now return the exact amount of RUs when salvaged (80%)
-fighters and corvettes stop tumbling endlessy after ship explosions
-SP: Turanic Ion Array Frigates, if captured, no longer attack the Hiigaran Carrier
-SP: Mothership' health increased by 10%
-Hiigaran Sentinels and Defense Platforms can now hyperspace
-SP: redundant functions removed
-SP: Tuarinc Mothership is no longer capturable
-max regeneration time increased for all engines (500->600)
-Vaygr Defense Platforms can now hyperspace
-SP: fixed a bug where the scene "Mothership rescue" started without the soundtrack
-several typo corrections

dev. build 39
-first episode of the Complex Evo campaign
-Kadeshi base functions and installation
-formations and attack styles fully reworked
-wrecks visual fade range increased by 50%
-fighters and corvettes tumble when explode
-sensor ping upgrades added
-ping and sensors systems improved
-fixed a critical bug where "sobgroups" were lost saving the game
-fixed a critical bug where "sobgroups" were lost capturing enemy ships
-hyperspace maximum cost limits have been increased by 50%
-several improvements on weapons FXs and SFx


What an innovative little project. But COMPLEX has had an amazingly long run and it's a shame it's going to cut its engines. I have every confidence that ERA ONE will be a nice hit.

Good luck on the future. Looks cool so far with an interesting thesis for the game. (:

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