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Due to the massive imbalances in the original Complex mod, which Beghins either didn't have time, or will to attend to are being addressed one by one in Complex Enhanced.I'm providing the changelog below, that has not only significantly increased the potential of the AI opponents, it has also made the game more dynamic, less frustrating, and also the vaygr have gotten some much needed attention.

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Non-compiled download on the left, .big download on the right

Complex 8.4.3 Enhanced (non-compiled)Complex 8.4.3 Enhanced (.big file)

Behold the change log :


  • AI now uses fighters+corvettes+frigates from start and larger fleets
  • System clock settings enabled for all gametypes
  • Dev./Test settings enabled in Complex custom
  • New Vaygr hyperspace effect added
  • Heavy Capital Ship class renamed to Super Capital Ship class
  • Vaygr Mothership renamed to Flagship
  • Vaygr Battleship Perforation Bomb special ability added (activate with z key)


  • Entire build/research menu grammatically corrected(or fully rewritten in some cases)
  • Descriptions of upgrades now show the proper requirements and upgrade values
  • The Vaygr Flagship can now build Battle Carriers
  • The Hiigaran shuttle now has a Super Capital Ship symbol around it
  • Module and special subsystem health upgrades work again
  • Gametype default settings now match descriptions(edited both ways)
  • "store 100000 RU" win condition is choosable in carnage again
  • The Battle Ark's fire control towers now affect the Ark itself
  • The Battle Ark's intergrated hyperspace system works again
  • Hiigaran Drone's accuracy bugs fixed


  • Drive system effect on ships within radius increased to +25%
  • Hiigaran rank purchase no longer costs resources, instead it takes time to complete (60s+30s/level)
  • Corvette and Frigate facilities and main chassis techs no longer have a rank prerequisite
  • Hiigaran RU power up effect decreased from +500% to + 300%
  • Juggernaut hitpoints decreased from 350000 to 250000
  • Vortex maximum speed decreased from 115 to 100
  • Increased the power station's armor from 140000 to 250000
  • Increased the research station's armor from 100000 to 175000
  • Increased the crew station's armor from 110000 to 200000
  • Shuttle maximum speed decreased from 400 to 300
  • Light shuttle maximum speed decreased from 250 to 200
  • Missile Bombers and Multi-Role Fighters now require the Commander rank
  • Increased the cooldown on missile bombers' missiles from 25s to 45s
  • The Battle Ark's docking improver module's radius increased from 1500 to 5000 m
  • Build speeds increased by 10%
  • Experience sensitivity increased by 100%
  • Hgn recruiting speed increased by 20%
  • Starting resources increased : low(1000->3000), normal(3000->5000), high(5000->8000), maximum(7000->11000)
  • Vaygr now have RU storage : lvl 1 pre-researched at the start of the game in deathmatch and carnage
  • Vgr improved bombs tech now affects bombers, multi-role fighters and missile bombers
  • Vgr fusion missile upgrade grouped together for the battle and super capital ship class
  • Improved (anti-radiation) defense fields are now a fleet-wide tech
  • Hgn defense field time/regeneration upgrades grouped together for the production capital class
  • Vgr assault craft accuracy increased against fighters (0.095->0.1)
  • Vgr artillery missile speeds increased by 10%
  • Vgr lance platform firepower increased by 20%
  • Hgn x-bomber penetration against subsystems increased by 30%

Feel free to discuss the changes, their impact on the game, new strategies, balance and all that.

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looks great, just waiting on the install guide

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Nakamura14 Author
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Added the download button. It leads you to the download page. open the description, it tells you what you need to do.

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