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Complex 13 - dev. build 35, is available - we don't give up, join the project and try the latest version, give back to Homeworld its old glory!

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Complex 13 dev. log

dev. build 35:
-now you can switch between colored or black/white unit icons
-Power Cell implemented for the Vaygr
-now the Complex UI is no more affected by the HWRM UI scale, less glitches and typo imperfections
-ships energy system has been fully reworked, no more based on ship fire, more logic and intuitive, UI improved
-fixed several bugs for the Hiigaran Battleship, now it can rearm/retire slots properly
-Nuclear Reactor implemented for the Kushan
-Nuclear Reactor implemented for the Turanic Raiders
-Kushan Twister Missile (full implementation)
-Drone attack, the Kushan Mothership can launch an attack of 100 drones as special attack
-Kushan Shockwave Bomb (full implementation)
-Kushan Plasma Blast Turret (full implementation)
-the Hiigaran research system now is family-based, leading to a non-linear gameplay
-Kushan Wiper (full implementation)
-the Miner Missile now is available for Turanic Raiders
-the gravity well generator now works properly on capital ships
-Kushan Heavy Cruiser (full implementation)
-remote weapons now are more responsive avoiding strange dancing around their targets
-Kushan Support Frigate (full implementation)
-the camera pan speed is now tweakable by the gameplay options
-the camera shake strength due to the explosions of nearby ships is now tweakable by the gameplay options
-Kushan Carrier (full implementation)
-improvements for the docking operations of Taiidan/Kushan research ships
-Kushan Tanker (full implementation)
-Kushan Drone Frigate (full implementation)
-miner missile now available for all motherships
-several adjustments on the formations/strike groups space, alignments and behaviour
-Kushan Gravity Well Generator (full implementation)
-general adjustments for the Kushan build/research system and bug fixing
-Kushan Resource Controller (full implementation)
-fixed a bug where UI wasn't loaded after a saved game
-Support Module implemented for all races
-Kushan Missile Destroyer (full implementation)
-improvements on ship icons size and layout
-Kushan Multigun Corvette (full implementation)
-new weapon sound FX for the kinetic cannons
-added an UI option to select the ATI interface more slight
-Kushan Heavy Corvette (full implementation)
-the Taiidan now has an heavy ion cannon, the Siege Cannon
-containers now are available for Turanic Raiders
-less accuracy VS fighters and corvettes for Taiidan and Kushan Heavy Corvettes

dev. build 34:
-improvements to the Turanic Raiders anti-missile systems
-adjustments for the Turanic Raiders ship icons
-tweaking on the calibration/movement of bombers guns/arms due to the "666" bug fixing
-tweaking on fighters/corvettes weapon accuracy due to "666" bug fixing
-Turanic Raiders Guardian (new unit, full implementation)
-Turanic Raiders Paladin (new unit, full implementation)
-textures optimization for asteroids, better performance
-removed the upgrades effects from Drones and remote weapons
-building the "copy slot on ship" and the "rearm slot" commands at the same time no more generates a game crash
-Kushan Shadow Fighter (full implementation)
-Kushan Sensor Array (full implementation)
-Kushan Minelayer (full implementation)
-minelayers and command corvettes no more are affected by the player command orders
-typo corrections for Turanic Raiders build/research options
-Kushan Bomber (full implementation)
-Kushan Salvage Corvette (full implementation)
-Kushan Destroyer wreck and model adjustments
-Kushan Repair Corvette (full implementation)
-Kushan Defender (full implementation)
-Hiigaran Scavenger wreck deformation
-Kushan Ion Cannon Frigate wreck and model adjustments

dev. build 33:
-"666" bug finally fixed, fighters squadrons and strike groups shoot correctly at their targets
-Kushan Interceptor (full implementation)
-now cinematic works for squadrons of fighters and corvettes
-Kushan Assault Frigate (full implementation)
-Kushan Destroyer (full implementation)
-Kushan Ion Cannon Frigate (full implementation)
-added the key "N" (next focus) for the cinematic, the auto zoom is strongly improved and the camera rotation is free
-script update rate lowered, better performance
-fuel management now is controlled by scripts instead of fake subsystems, better performance
-experience script removed from non-combat units, better performance
-the function "SobGroup_SetHardPointHealthCheck" is a performance killer if it points to 0, so it has been fixed in several parts of the code, general performance strongly improved
-new models for the Scaffold Fighter/Corvette/Frigate/Capital facilities
-now the fast game modality is really fast compared to the slow game modality
-more damage and resistence for the Turanic Raiders Carriers
-more damage and resistence for the Turanic Raiders Ion Array Frigates
-more max unit capacity for the Turanic Raiders Carriers, for all game modalities
-Kushan Resource Collector (full implementation)
-the megalith navigation bar now can focus on megaliths even if they change owner
-improvements on UI and tooltips
-Kushan Cloak Generator (full implementation)
-research speed exponent lowered, 0-6->0.5
-Kushan Scout (full implementation)
-added UI colours for the rank icons, so veterans/expert/leader/hero ships are more visible into battles
-improvements on explosion tumbling effect
-Kushan Probe (full implementation)
-fixed a bug where the research points went on negative values after 1000 research points
-less scout demand for cpu players
-Kushan Proximity Sensor (full implementation)
-the player/cpu race now is displayed in the diplomacy screen
-big Capital Ships can dock and hold Mobile Refineries
-secondary objectives, one level more: kill 920 enemy units
-Kushan Scaffold
-Kushan Mothership (full implementation)
-implementation of the race Kushan, basic elements and system integration

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