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Complex 12 - dev. build 31, is available - join the project, try the latest version, give back to Homeworld its old glory!

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Complex 12 dev. log

dev. build 31:
-new map: Sunset On Mars
-light improvements on the explosion FXs
-new map: Dawn Of Nenulae
-improvements on maps icons
-Vaygr Fortress now can handle fighter/corvette squadrons
-new order/command "attack target" for big Capital Ships
-now the "wipe" order works properly
-the game script now preloads support ships during the loading phase, avoiding lag during game
-slight improvements on squadrons performance and maneuvers, now squadrons are more competitive

dev. build 30:
-improvements on the unit experience script, fixed some bugs, units gain more experience points
-pings removed from probes and drones, better performance
-several optimizations on weapons slots managment, better performance
-if you copy a weapon slot on a ship or on nearby ships, replaceable slots that match the slot to replicate are no more disassembled/rebuilt
-main script rate lowered 2.1->2.4, UI script updating lowered 2.1->9.6, better performance
-"no Research Center upgrade button" bug, fixed, it was affecting only the slot 8
-"christmas tree" engine bug fix, now the script works only if the ship is on screen, better performance
-fixed a bug where the weapon energy consume was not calculated properly on Battlecruisers and Battleships
-Mining Base RUs production +20%
-no more critical failure at the beginning in "Boundless Galaxy" map
-ships captured/transferred during games no more generates "out of sync" errors
-now big/production capital ships can give order to fighters/corvettes grouped in squadrons
-Hiigaran Battleship navigation lights
-Hiigaran Battleship engine subsystem
-Hiigaran Battleship wreck
-fixed a bug where fighters/corvettes grouped in squadrons were not added at the sobgroup list, code optimization

dev. build 29:
-Hiigaran Battleship texture updating
-subsystems ambient lights implemented for the Taiidan Utility Ship
-code optimization, improvements on the main script engine allows to handle units sobgroups more fast, useless cycle are now skipped
-fixed a bug where the unit experience was prevented to grow up more then a fixed value per second
-clock updating has been reduced (32->16 cycle, 0.140->0.180 rate), better performance
-Defense Field ability implemented for the Vaygr Fortress
-Speed/Tumble Burst scripts now runs only for human players, better performance
-fixed a bug where Turanics upgrades were checked on 3 levels instead of 10, in several part of the code, so better behaviour and strenght for Turanics
-code optimization, CPU players no more do useless stuff like checking for existant subsystems and commands, all is passed to the AI script, better performance
-Tumble Burst ability extended to Vaygr, Taiidan and Turanic Raiders
-several code/script optimizations/improvements

dev. build 28:
-fixed a bug where the build speed multiplier of CPU player was fixed at 1.1->1.4, AI is more responsive
-the differences between the game modes: slow, normal, fast, now are more significant and balanced
-balancing on wrecks resource values and fading time
-fixed a critical bug that was preventing wrecks to be removed from the game, better performance
-CPU players are more efficient at the beginning of the match
-experience has been removed for all probes, better performance
-CPU no more defend objects like debris, megaliths, mining bases, this results in a better behaviour vs enemies
-basic upgrades (speed, health, damage) now are family-based for Taiidan, non-linear gameplay
-extra upgrades now are fleet-based for Turanic Raiders, more close to the general game logic
-more resistence, shields and speed for the Hiigaran Shuttle
-improvements on all Defense Control Towers allow better resistance and effectiveness of nearby covered ships
-general balancing on weapons, especially anti-fighter weapons accuracy have been gratly improved
-now CPU players update their cheat/aid system based on the speed of the game (slow->fast)
-Tumble Burst added as special command/ability for all bombers (hgn, vgr, tai, tur)
-upgrades and research added for the Turanic Bomber
-now the Turanic Ion Array Frigare needs a research for being built
-more fire power and resistence for the Turanic Ion Array Frigate
-more resistence for Turanics fighters and corvettes
-now CPU uses Turanic Junkyard Dogs for capturing objects
-extra RUs added in small maps, this prevents the CPU to become passive when goes out of RUs

dev. build 27:
-Hiigaran Battleship (new model, WIP)
-Turanic Droid (new model)
-fighters and corvettes squadrons return, player now can switch between single/squadron production
-unit experience rate increased, they gain experience more fast
-more content for UI helptips
-tweaked/balanced how the CPU manages its units stats, this affect how the CPU attacks and retires
-fixed a bug where a code loop was checking the collectors 128 times instead of their group number
-Taiidan Fusion Ability
-Patchers resistance lowered by 10%
-attack priority multiplier (attack bounding selection) decreased for Mining Bases, Debris and Megaliths
-improvements on Turanic Bomber textures
-Turaic Bomber wreck

dev. build 26:
-Turanic Mothership battle assets
-Turanics Fusion Ability
-Turanic Bomber (new model)
-improvements for the Ion Array Frigate open animation and FXs
-battle overlay now rise from 1->5 for better control during battles
-Turanic Mothership Anti-Capital Ship Bulk Cannons
-repair ability added for the Turanic Collector, unlockable by the research
-parade data added for Junkyarddog and Ion Array Frigate
-Turanics now can upgrade their Resource max capacity
-Interceptors now are more vulnerable and less effective vs corvettes
-Turanic Mothership anti-missile system
-Turanic Missile Corvette anti-missile system
-Turanic Ion Turrets (Mothership)
-Turanic Laser Turrets (Mothership)
-unit Capacity "Huge" implemented
-fixed a bug where production stats shown negative values at the beginning
-Freak missiles now engage enemies in sensor range
-nebula FXs now are displyed correctly for Turanics
-Turanic ships stats now display upgrades value correctly
-fixed a bug where the build upgrade didn't affect the Mothership after the lvl. 1

dev. build 25:
-Turanic Mothership Anti-Capital Ship Ion Cannons
-Turanic Flak Turrets (Mothership)
-Turanic Junkyard Dog wreck
-improvements on the Turanic Junkyard Dog textures, now it looks Turanic
-Turanic Freak Missile (remote weapon)
-Turanic Missile Corvette wreck
-improvements on the Turanic Missile Corvette model and textures
-Improvements on Turanic missile engine and FXs
-Turanic Mothership wreck
-Improvements on Turanic Command Center 3D model and textures
-new audio FXs for the Turanic GunCorvette's kinetic and laser guns
-now max unit capacity limits work differently for every race
-improvements on the Turanic Ion Array Frigate model and textures
-now the Turanic GunCorvette can copy its weapon asset on nearby ships
-Turanic Mothership unit capacity fixed for few/normal/large settings
-Turanic Ion Array Frigate wreck
-Turanic Ion Array Frigate's Ions now are red
-new audio FXs for the open/close animations on the Turanic Ion Array Frigate
-Rapid Ion Turret subsystem and weapons implemented for the Turanic GunCorvette

dev. build 24:
-individual research and upgrades for each Turanic ship
-new own command voice for Turanics (makaan revisited)
-Turanic Flagship (modular, customizable)
-Turanic Resource Collector (new model)
-Turanic Fighter
-Turanic Gun Corvette (customizable)
-Turanic Missile Corvette
-Turanic Ion Array Frigate
-Turanic Junkyard Dog (WIP)
-A new game modality has been implemented, Complex Battlefield, fight vs a cynical CPU through progressive, huge battles
-new background (arcadefight, complex battlefield)

mickeyharkeerat - - 3 comments

Upgrade research center is still not fixed, i tried like 50 games in different settings, playing this mod is very frustrating.

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