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It is time for another Tiberian history lesson....

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"We are going to have to act... if we want to live in a different world"


There are a few additional crate surprises. This is in addition to the standard C&C3 crate surprises.
Units: Only classic units will spawn from a unit crate, pray for a Devil's Tongue or a Mammoth Tank!
Armour: Reduces damage by 50%.
Fire power: Doubles attack power.
Speed: Increase speed by 150%.
Explosives: 3 Flavours of explosion, all bad for you!


10 classic Tiberian Dawn tracks have been added to replace C&C3' god awful elevator music.


Q: Why is this file so much larger than previous files?
A: That would be the addition of music.

Known issues:

  • Any weapon or crate which tints units, will tint everything else within its radius. This is due to issues with EA code.
  • The pop-up SAM has a number of bugs that I've been unable to resolve.
  • Zone Raiders voices are butch!, because I could not find their voice files.
  • Cabal announces crate power ups, because I could not find alternative EVA files.
Commander_RealWar - - 923 comments

C&C3's music wasn't too bad.

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Madin Author
Madin - - 2,077 comments

It's not bad if your in a shopping mall...

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Gregthegen - - 778 comments

Aye, though I'd take Tiberian Sun's Music over both any day. Stll, one can never get tired of "Act on Instinct!"

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Alex_06 - - 1,126 comments

I like a few TW tracks, mostly the new ones in KW, The title theme from TW and 2 or 3 of the combat tracks.

TS, I liked Killing Machine, the map theme (Still love it!), Approach, Slave to the System, Linkup, What Lurks, Heroism, Hacker and Dusk Hour.

Renegade, I liked all of the tracks, especially Stomp.

TD, I liked most of them, if not all of them.

I personally find the Renegade tracks to be the most fitting for the entire Tiberian saga.

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Commander_RealWar - - 923 comments

Agreed. Renegade was definitely most fitting.

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Raven1988 - - 58 comments

One small mistake. It's "different world" not "better world"

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Madin Author
Madin - - 2,077 comments


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