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Set deep in the bowels of Aperture Science, this test is one that cannot be solved with conventional Aperture Quantum Tunnelling Technology...

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dm_sciencesphere is a HL2:DM Map set inside one of the Aperture Science Enrichment Spheres. It uses many assets from Portal 2 (though they will be kept to a minimum). Think of it as an 'Edgeless Killbox of Science'.

Its a heavy WIP, the office area is incomplete, the actual main fighting platform is yet to be created, and it all looks rather unpolished. I'll get a video up when more is done, but for now, take a gander at these alpha screenshots.

Before I fixed the lighting:

After I fixed the lighting:

I'm looking into making more HL2DM-Portal 2 maps, one set between two smashed Science Spheres, one in the upper areas of the Enrichment Centre, and one in Manufacturing.

This is a fun little side-project, and nothing else. Just thought I would post it here too, since some of you would be interested in seeing this.

TheMarshmallowBear - - 260 comments

I call this to remove this stupid file, who cares. I would never allow non mod related stuff to be posted here.

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SpAM_CAN Author
SpAM_CAN - - 107 comments

Hey, its my mod, i can put what i like on it.

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MasterFen - - 96 comments

None of us care.

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SpAM_CAN Author
SpAM_CAN - - 107 comments

Then why post?

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