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This is an announcment to show that the development is slowly coming back.

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Hi, I wanted to let everyone know that the development of Abyss should be slowly but maybe coming back. However, I have made the decision to create a team. And I need people to help me out.
Here is how it looks like. The mod is done without any budget what so ever. It will be impossible to pay anyone for any services. All the works come from a concious decision to help for free.

Official team members:

Francis Racicot: - Head of development.
Seji-Evan - Level Designer
Roy Berardo - Game composer
Marcus “Classian” Rasmussen - Game composer
Michelle E. Wong - Game composer
Gargya Márk Nándor - Animation SFM + Voice acting.
Katherine Dorland - Concept Artist

Positions to fill:

Here is a list of position to fill. This list will vary over time as the game progress.

  • Modeller x?
  • Voice actor x4 ( Glados, Cave Johnson, Companion Core, Announcer)
  • Scenario writer x1
  • Level designers x?
  • Texture artist x1

Positions information:

There is a lot to say about the different positions. here, you can find some more information about them.

  • Head of development: The Head of development is the project manager, this is the person who is in charge of making order in the development process and make sure that there is no problems. That person also have the final though on different aspects during the development. He can decide to add or remove different features.
  • Modeller: The modellers are the people who will create all the custom content of the game. They are very important during the development. There is also the need of an animator to create different custom animations
  • Scenario Writer: The scenario writer is helping the core of the project. This person is in charge to plug the holes between each parts of the story and work it out to get a smooth storytelling. This person will also indirectly contribute to the maps design.
  • Texture Artist: The texture artist are there to help the development by making different textures and assets. This is very useful to give personality to the levels
  • Voice actor: The voice actors are people who record some speech which will be listed at the end of the Documentation.
  • Level Designers: The level designers are the people who are helping the development by creating the maps and following some instructions. The map design information below every chapters story are there to help out the mappers while creating the maps. It is important to give a specific feel and personality to every map.
  • Concept Artist: The concept artist is the person who will be in charge of some concept art that we can release to promote the game. That person will have to draw and work on image editing by following some instructions. Most of the work will be the recreation of map screenshots and of course concepts of maps design. The Concept artist is very important throughout the development because this is the person who will help the mappers with different concepts by following the environment’s descriptions. The concept artist will also work on drawing 3D models such as structural components, portal gun design and character design.
  • SFM animator: This person has an important role throughout the game. the animator must use Source Film Maker to create different small clips and trailers. The animator will work with the musicians to create the two Mod trailers. SFM will be used in the development of Abyss due to the fact that Portal 2 does not support NPC A.I . The SFM Animator will create different scenes most of which won't be more than 10 seconds long. The scenes will be used throughout the game for storytelling and some Easter Eggs.

If you want to be part of the project. Please contact me at:


I wrote you a small application to your posted email adress.

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pac0master Author

Hey, I just wanted to point out that We need Modellers as a priority right now.

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You Weren't kidding when you said slowly XD

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