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Game combat mechanics, basic math and common information

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Hi guys!

Still working on props and locations and I want to share with you some basic game mechanics.
Good news! We have new NPC pictures!


Basic Characteristics

There are seven of them so far. Below, short description each of them:

  1. Strength - influence on weapons, lockpick (you can use the strength on all locks), hand-to-hand combat and throwing weapons
  2. Constitution - effects on the health points, the number of implants and its work, and a little bit on PSI abilities
  3. Intellect - impact on the conversation, the overall impact on the characteristics, getting the level
  4. Fortune - in some way the impact on all (you know what actually fortune means)
  5. Intuition - influence on the view range, the range of fire, and the combat queue, speech skills
  6. Dexterity – action points in combat, armor, skills to sneak/steal
  7. Will – PSI abilities

All these basic characteristics affect on one or another skills group. In general, everything is standard here.


As you can see from the screenshot, I’m planning three types of PSI skills:

  1. Bio-PK - Combat / organic only
  2. Cyb-PK - Combat / non-organic
  3. Telepathy - Not combat

Bio psychokinesis acts only on organic (bleeding from the eyes, intimidating, diarrhea etc.).
The cyber psychokinesis acts only on non-organic (for example - you can hack a robot (or some machine) during the combat and it will stand on your side for several turns)
Telepathy it’s not combat skills, it’s player’s abilities - for example, to uncover the fog of war in a closed room for a few seconds.
Only the Androids and Cyborgs will be apart, because it is both organic and mechanic, so some PSI from cyb and bio can be applied on them. But not all.
PSI are directly dependent on implants and Will characteristic. By default, all PSI are available for the player, but it can be used only if player has an implant - PSI booster.


The math of combat is quite simple. Almost all standard variables for RPG in general:

  1. Distance from the shooter to the target (0.1 to n) - example - 29m
  2. Comfortable range of the weapon (0.1 / n) - an example - 0.1 / 20 meters
  3. Weapon Damage Range (a/b) - Example 10/15
  4. The luck factor (Fortune from 1 to 12), affects the misfires and critical hits - example 6
  5. The skill factor, percent (from 10 to 300)


The last but not least - obstacles also calculated. The NPC has three points and player too - the head, torso and legs. If one of the points is not visible, then the chance of hit falls. And the last check is type of armor.
If the armor is a full kit (like Power Armor), then it is considered like minimum open areas. And if there are different parts of the armor, that more open areas are.

Random Locations Generation

In generally I’m planning that the locations will be static. Randomization will be only when the player will found/buy/steal the coordinates of the unopened bunker or place. In this way the location will be generated randomly. This, I guess will bring some kind of dynamics to the game. And the loot and the size of the bunkers will depend on Fortune obviously. All other locations will be static.

It’s going to be an open world, so the player can travel the entire planet as he wishes.


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