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In For Rome the combat system got an big overhaul, but how did that affect the player and how do we work to keep the player important?

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For Rome owns a beatiful battle system.

A small look on that system:
Huge improvements in formations, orders, pre battle deployment and ai tactics.
Volley fire, skirmish order, shield wall, testudo. It all are new functions that are usable in the mod.
We also implented better gore: more blood, decapitation of heads, arms, and even legs.


Test story
I as the mod creator have tested the mod dozens of time.
And its truely beatuful its much better than native, giving you alot of oppurtunities and you really are happy when you win an hard battle by a good tactical move.

Once when i was with 2 times as many troops as the enemy i decided to throw a wild charge, my troops ran cheering and taunting at the enemy. But when they came near running their first wave was made a massacre.
The legionares (my opponent) had made a small compact shield wall what my cavalry couldn't penetrate. I won the battle by flanking them with my reserve cavalry. But it costed much lives.. to much.

Another time i took an downhil, with archery and me only, against equal number infantry of sarranid sultinate.
My archers shot a few but if i hadnt sacrifice my life in the middle of the battlefield, my archers would have been slaughtered

The new function

If you have watched the video included in this article, you probably have noticed that i died really quick.
This was just for testing purposes but it also displays the vulnerability of the player.
So i decided to do something about this, ofcourse i want the battle to be tactical, and ofcourse with tactical improvements and a battle size of 1000! you will be less important.

But i watched the movie this is sparta, and i kind of got inspired by that one. I don't want the player to be invinsible but i want him to be heroic so i added 2 new abilities for player only/

Abilities (earnable)

name: rage,
desc: after death you get 7 seconds dealing double damage and getting half damage before you die
symptoms: bloody screen
get when: You are the last one in battle and still kill two enemy's
name: athlete
desc: extreme athletics for 5 seconds.
symptoms: none
get when: you pursue an enemy on horse and kill his

name: super throw
desc: super accurary for one throw with a spear (bow accurary)
symptoms: screen gets vague at the sides
get when: you heroicly kill the enemy with a spear in battle.


looks really good. Hopefully it will be finished soon and we can finally play it!

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godarcher Author

Working hard but i don't want to rush it.

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Yeah, can't wait to test it out!

Good luck in development.

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Cant wait its finished :D looks good

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I'am very very impatient for testing mods.I'am Maximus i'am centurion LegioXXII

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godarcher Author

Hello i am godarcher i am Caesar :D

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