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Cold Ice Remastered Beta 3 will feature numerous mutators that will alter gameplay.

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A picture of HHEV and Snowman battling with rocketcrowbars in Cold Ice Remastered Beta 3

Cold Ice Remastered is now Beta 2 is available for download, and you can join us on our Discord server. Our team has started developing the next release. Beta 3 continues our tradition of "borrowing ideas" from particular games of the past. This month, we share forthcoming glorious game mutators that alter gameplay.

Battling in Cold Ice Remastered Beta 3 with RocketCrowbars!

First up, we have a mutator called RocketCrowbar. RocketCrowbar has a special place in our hearts, being the name of an old GoldSrc mod founded before the collapse of humanity with the dawn of Y2K. We love its explosive nature. So, with this mutator enabled, everyone spawns with a rocket-crowbar weapon!

Cold Ice Remastered Beta 3 instagib mutator

We also have the classic mutator called Instagib. Like Unreal Tournament 99, everyone is given an instagib weapon, which frags on contact. We replace all weapons with our Quake II railgun for Cold Ice Remastered. To make it even more fun and new to beta 3, we support dual railguns with twice the gib action!

Cold Ice Remastered Beta 3 Paintball mutator

Finally, we have mutators associated with a classic, GoldenEye 007, on the Nintendo 64. For example, we have the Paintball mutator. All explosions and bullet decals have been swapped for colorful paint splashes, and weapons dole out quarter damage!

Cold Ice Remastered Beta 3 volatile mutator

Before we go, we also have the mutator called Volatile. This mutator makes your death an explosive one. Once fragged, you are blown up! This makes for one chaotic experience.

cir rocketcrowbar

And more mutators are being developed, such as SlapperOnly (more goodness from GoldenEye 007), Snowballs (all weapons fire them!), NightOps (play in the dark), etc. If you want to request a mutator, join us on our Discord. Keep watching this space for news about our next release!

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