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Cold Ice Remastered Beta 1 launched! Read for details!

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The original Cold Ice mod was conceived in 1999. After successful releases during the last century, it failed to come back to modernity, spawning "Steam" fixes, 15-year-old mega threads, and frustrated players... until today. After decades in a backlot freezer, Cold Ice Remastered is now available as the first beta for the current version of Half-Life GoldSrc on Steam and Xash3d.

In the continuing depths of the global pandemic, unfinished business was realized. Bootstrapping for more than 600 hours of code commits, tweaks, Milkshape 3d crashes, legacy DevOps spelunking, and experimentation, it delivers what it initially set out to do—frantic deathmatch with a cool theme. Cold Ice Remastered provides explosions and humor threaded throughout. The only doubt we have is that there aren't enough weapons, voiceovers, reskinned icy things, or for that matter, explosions.

Cold Ice Remastered picks up where AudioCraZ's team stopped developing, and the "resurrection" failed to ship. It infuses old and new themes that have become popular in the decades that followed. Cold Ice Remastered does not take itself seriously with 30 high-powered standard and high definition weapons, 14 new player models, and 12 deathmatch maps. Cold Ice Remastered includes voiceovers of select 1980s and 1990s personas like Hans Gruber and modern touches such as pedantic weapon and HUD physics, experimental real-time ironsight mechanics, and new internet phenomena from Ben Schulz. But it doesn't claw back what Cold Ice once was. It has the old models, voiceovers, maps, runes, and effects seen when the Internet was considered the future of humanity and LAN parties were a thing.

Cold Ice Remastered is available for download here. This release is the first beta. There are parts unfinished. We expect issues and will patch them when problems are reported. Cold Ice Remastered philosophy gives the player options and never force what is not wanted, so review the console commands using "help" as there are options to switch the style and look of play.

A very special "thank you" to all those works included in this beta, as there are creative works that were "borrowed" in this release alongside original pieces from the author(s). All efforts were made to credit your work in readme.txt.

We set up a dedicated server, "Cold Ice Remastered East," so query it by going to "Find Servers" and then the "Internet" tab for details. More boxes are coming. And don't forget to join us on our discord server! New betas are planned, perhaps releasing in 2040?

Have fun, be safe, and push that button.

FlippedOutKyrii - - 3,551 comments

Never thought I'd see a proper rerelease of Cold Ice! Hope you guys have extra content planned, too!

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solidi Author
solidi - - 76 comments

It's happening. Tell all your friends!

More things are planned in time. See the readme.txt for details. Enjoy and thanks.

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3037 - - 503 comments

Good job. Wish you continue the project and best luck

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solidi Author
solidi - - 76 comments

Thank you!

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