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Fat changelog? CHECK. Lots of new toys to play with? CHECK. It's time to hack the planet! The all-new robot hacking system creates new ways to play, and is expansive enough to integrate with existing strategies. Plus Beta 7 comes with more combat buffs and a heavy dose of QoL features, requested and otherwise.

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Fat changelog? CHECK. Lots of new toys to play with? CHECK. It's time to hack the planet!

The all-new robot hacking system creates new ways to play, and is expansive enough to integrate with existing strategies. Plus Beta 7 comes with more combat buffs and a heavy dose of QoL features, requested and otherwise.

Cogmind Beta 7 "Hack the Planet" (0.10.180904) changelog:

  • NEW: 65 new robot hacks
  • NEW: Garrisons now contain an RIF Installer (required for most robot hacks)
  • NEW: 12 Relay Couplers (available from numerous sources), required to execute better robot hacks
  • NEW: 1 more brute force hack (secret)
  • NEW: 3 new items (new mechanic)
  • NEW: 75 new score sheet entries (total = 772)
  • NEW: Added several encounters
  • NEW: Info window for part types that cannot be repaired precedes the maximum integrity value with a *
  • NEW: Derelict Logs that give an exit location for the current map when Cogmind already knows it explicitly indicate that in the log
  • NEW: Blue '@' marker appears to indicate the direction of Cogmind's position when offscreen
  • NEW: New kind of squad dispatch under certain conditions
  • NEW: Standard robot hacks also accessible via manual entry
  • NEW: Manual robot hacking UI includes autocompletion and fully-featured command buffer (data stored in /user/buffer_robot.txt)
  • NEW: Option to alphabetize coupler-based robot hacks instead of based on cost (advanced.cfg: alphabetizeCouplerHacks)
  • NEW: Option to not have map center on Cogmind with every move, requiring manual panning instead (advanced.cfg: viewFollowsCogmind)
  • NEW: Option to disable mouse-based movement in mouse mode (advanced.cfg: disableMouseMovement)
  • NEW: Vi-keys (j/k) can be used to change selected entry in item/robot info page
  • NEW: Datajacks can be used on any bot
  • NEW: parse_system robot hack is an additional way to add items to gallery collection (and won't aggro friendlies)
  • NEW: Lower difficulty modes give Relay Couplers more uses
  • NEW: Additional lore giving the new robot hacking system a background
  • NEW: Shift-Alt-m exports PNG of entire current map, showing explored areas
  • NEW: Worker latching onto a disabled bot now has its own sfx and color
  • NEW: Assign text tags to inventory items (Shift-Alt-t + inventory item number)
  • NEW: Kinetic cannons can cause knockback, where the chance is a function of damage, range, and target size
  • NEW: Kinetic and Impact weapon knockback that causes one robot to hit another can damage and displace the second robot
  • NEW: Additional Garrison layouts
  • NEW: Export robot data with the "-exportRobots" command line argument (massive spoilers!)
  • NEW: Explicit log message for failure to rewire disabled bot via Datajack
  • NEW: Tutorial message reminding that items held in inventory do not themselves add to total mass
  • NEW: Explicit interface message about large part non-swappability when using dedicated swap mode ('/')
  • NEW: "Part Auto-Replacement" manual section expanded with an explanation of why the rules list is fairly short
  • NEW: "Volley" manual section expanded with description of resource cost timing
  • NEW: Non-forced melee attacks while flying require confirmation (toggle in advanced.cfg: ignoreFlyingMeleeConfirmation)
  • NEW: Numpad '/' behaves as regular slash, activating part swap mode
  • NEW: Heat flow errors due to corruption temporarily block movement (like part rejection)
  • NEW: Hit chance modifiers due to attacker/defender recent moves reset on ramming and knockback
  • NEW: Deploying ARCs list robots in message log
  • NEW: Active ARCs engage emergency deployment system just before destruction (effects vary)
  • NEW: Watchers can always jam sensors as long as Cogmind within their sensor range, even if using inferior Sensor Arrays
  • NEW: Fully modal part management system (in addition to existing systems), press 'p' to open new menu for part toggle/attach/info/remove/drop
  • NEW: Z-terminal access has limitations on each map
  • NEW: All 0b10 bot calls for reinforcements that didn't already have one now display that notification as an on-map ALERT message
  • NEW: Garrisons activated in response to calls for backup also display that notification as an on-map ALERT message
  • NEW: All Alpha supporter names registered since Beta 6 added to in-game list (see Credits menu)
  • MOD: Destroying Garrison Relays has a different effect
  • MOD: Hacking Suites no longer apply to robot hacking; chance-based robot hacking system removed
  • MOD: No longer any benefits from hitting target with multiple Datajacks
  • MOD: Target corruption no longer a factor when hacking a robot
  • MOD: Programmers no longer assimilate other Programmers
  • MOD: Less garbled text results from brute force hacks, just enough to more or less fill the window
  • MOD: Rewrote Hacking Robots section of manual
  • MOD: Engineers far less likely to get stuck in groups when many of them try to to repair the same area
  • MOD: Disarmed Researchers won't trigger an attack warning
  • MOD: Machine hacking uses a new kind of RNG
  • MOD: Borebot weapon once again a prototype (since it can be discovered via parse_system)
  • MOD: Datajack hits against any robot are not considered an attack
  • MOD: For now the "Factory Defaults," "Error 47," and "Assimilation Complete" achievements refer to the hacks reboot_system, overload_power, and formatsys_
  • MOD: Robots assimilated by Programmers no longer immediately activate, require some reboot time
  • MOD: Updated offensive and defensive hackware effect descriptions to reflect changes in mechanics
  • MOD: All Datajacks always have a 100% to achieve system access (i.e. penetration mechanic removed)
  • MOD: All melee Datajacks' attack speed increased by at least 50%
  • MOD: All Remote Datajacks' stats adjusted, including significant reduction in matter cost and an increase in speed
  • MOD: Dirty Datajacks don't deteriorate as quickly
  • MOD: Remote Datajacks work like guided weapons in that they must be fired solo
  • MOD: RIF Installer incompatible with Super Gauntlet challenge
  • MOD: Removed some pieces of lore related to obsolete hacking mechanics
  • MOD: Robot info window no longer also displays speed as a percent in Tactical HUD mode
  • MOD: Robot hacking UI no longer closed by RMB
  • MOD: Shift-cursor method of panning map now ignored while robot hacking UI open
  • MOD: Robots with temporarily disabled weapons more readily return to fight once weapons reactivated
  • MOD: Executioner loadout improved
  • MOD: Desublimator now a prototype
  • MOD: Inventory scrolling keyboard commands under advanced help displayed as "]/[" instead of "[/]"
  • MOD: No turn progression or input allowed during special CRM and conduit interface animations
  • MOD: itemLabelRelativeRatingCutoff option no longer applies to any items that aren't placed randomly (always labeled)
  • MOD: Zhirov profile reduced from 7x7 to 5x5
  • MOD: Dedicated mapshift mode (`) no longer automatically recenters on completion (Enter is another option)
  • MOD: Mouse-based movement and other map commands disabled while cursor hidden in keyboard mode
  • MOD: Devolution challenge scoring formula now purely depth-based rather than slot-based
  • MOD: "Executioner" achievement description reworded for clarity
  • MOD: Updated "Turtlemind" achievement icon
  • MOD: "Hit/Miss Streak" score sheet entries changed to "Robot Hit/Miss Streak," and only shots targeting robots count towards them
  • MOD: "Crack Shot" and "Storm Trooper" achievements only count shots targeting robots, and exclude melee attacks
  • MOD: "Adventurous" achievement renamed to "Ooh, Shiny!"
  • MOD: Mines cave-in event can no longer kill low-integrity Cogmind
  • MOD: Melee follow-up attacks incur no additional time cost aside from the weapon's halved time delay
  • MOD: Exit labels for offscreen exits not shown if any part of the primary label for that exit is showing
  • MOD: Message on inapplicable use of '>' command refers to traps and drone bays as well, rather than just stairs
  • MOD: Secondary targeting (gunslinging) by guns is now guaranteed wherever applicable (100% chance)
  • MOD: Follow-up attacks when multiwielding melee weapons will always automatically switch to the next available target if any in range (100% chance)
  • MOD: Materials Terminals no longer list direct hacks for robot or item schematics
  • MOD: Field Recycling Units operate on purely turn-based checks rather than an action- or wait-based counter, so take effect faster if moving more slowly
  • MOD: S7 guaranteed to contain 1x TR
  • MOD: Core Expanders more rare
  • MOD: Part Auto-Activation feature active by default on a fresh install (still available in options menu)
  • MOD: Part Auto-Activation hotkey switched to F10
  • MOD: Tutorial messages involving part activation updated
  • MOD: While a modal input label is visible across top of map simultaneously with an interface message, the latter is pushed down to avoid overlap
  • MOD: Alert level decay from passing turns has diminishing returns over time (except in easier difficulty modes)
  • MOD: Revision 17 never spawns in Scrapyard if using the quickStart option
  • MOD: "SW" no longer much more likely to die from impact damage
  • MOD: Super Gauntlet challenge Garrison Access cannot have traps next to their interactive section
  • FIX: Under default config settings, faulty/broken unidentified prototypes excluded from mass labeling, revealing their state [zxc]
  • FIX: Attached faulty power sources still contributed to energy storage capacity [zxc]
  • FIX: Guided weapon waypoints were retained between maps [zxc]
  • FIX: Crash on destroying a machine as first action on entering a new map before machine-relevant Derelict Log data displayed [zxc]
  • FIX: "Spaces Moved" entry in score sheet didn't account for robot jumping by flight propulsion [zxc]
  • FIX: "Average Speed (%)" entry in score sheet included stasis escape attempts [zxc]
  • FIX: Derelict intel could ID the L exit [zxc]
  • FIX: Opening world map in keyboard mode unable to select a map if just left Waste or Garrison and previously visited another on the same route [Joshua]
  • FIX: "Watch This!" achievement couldn't be earned [Joshua]
  • FIX: "Oh No You Don't!" achievement could be earned if Cogmind last damaged Saboteur later destroyed by another non-specific attacker [Joshua]
  • FIX: "No Explosion For You" achievement also earned when your missiles shot down as well, not just those fired by hostiles [Joshua]
  • FIX: "Just Shoot The Terminal" achievement awarded if a hostile bot achieved the same effect via misfire [lsend]
  • FIX: "Fragile Parts" challenge was only applying rules to subsequent runs after game start, not the first [lsend]
  • FIX: Adjustments required to accommodate a certain possibility during special Z+M@C event [lsend]
  • FIX: Scrolling map view away from certain NPCs prior to dialogue skipped their dialogue, affecting the results [lsend]
  • FIX: Sticky Parts challenge also blocked inventory parts from dropping [Raine]
  • FIX: Sticky Parts challenge increased inventory contents beyond capacity if using get-attach shortcut on an already full inventory [Raine]
  • FIX: "Executioner" achievement wasn't obtainable by way of normal evolution [Raine]
  • FIX: Several typos in various messages and context help [Mhorre, Tzan, Rumbl3, Raine]
  • FIX: "Collateral Damage" achievement couldn't be earned [Mojo]
  • FIX: Certain late-game special event message might be shown globally even though it should require line-of-sight [Mojo]
  • FIX: As of Beta 6, prototypes in gallery info didn't show their full name at the bottom [Mojo]
  • FIX: Particular garrison layout could spawn any random disabled drone type, should be N-00 Fly [Mojo, GJ]
  • FIX: Ally distance warning before level exit may report incorrect number for some at edge of radius [Valguris]
  • FIX: Hacking bonus from allied Operators counted first Operator against the total, starting it at +5% instead of +10% [Valguris]
  • FIX: Central database lockouts in Recycling would still cause investigation dispatch [Valguris]
  • FIX: Full-sized evasion readout still listed Cloaking as a bonus, renamed to Phasing to match new corresponding utility name [PhenomPhear]
  • FIX: Unique swords weren't playing any hit sfx [PhenomPhear]
  • FIX: "Cya!" achievement was earned by flying over only two bots [PhenomPhear]
  • FIX: Tutorial messages about gallery and lore collection still mentioned old key commands [b_sen]
  • FIX: Drag-swapping parts with between 19 and 30 energy would only complete the first half of the action instead of giving the low-energy warning [b_sen]
  • FIX: Simultaneously using any Thermal Generator and Cryofiber Web dropped energy reserves, allowing them to even go negative [IrishDemon]
  • FIX: In rare cases an unknown open cell within ally transfer range may be highlighted while leading allies and standing adjacent to exit [DDarkRay]
  • FIX: Quickly pressing an up/down arrow key after closing a robot's part info window in keyboard mode would place the cursor incorrectly [Jivya]
  • FIX: RMB on hidden doors wouldn't enter targeting mode, revealing their presence [Malthusis]
  • FIX: Fleeing Workers continue pushing previously disabled bot even if bot rewired while fleeing [Laida]
  • FIX: Reaction Control Systems dodging a trap could jump Cogmind into a neighboring phase wall [Pimski]
  • FIX: Individual Researchers normally only call reinforcements once, but after a run save/load could call again immediately
  • FIX: consecutive message counters would not appear if not enough room remaining in the previous message log line
  • FIX: "Missiles Intercepted" score sheet entry tallied all instances rather than only Cogmind's
  • FIX: "Batter Up" achievement could be earned if an enemy Brawler knocked any bot into an exploding machine
  • FIX: Due to earlier changes, world map unable to display both a Waste and Garrison visit from the same map, or current Garrison marker
  • FIX: Multiwielding impact melee weapons allowed attacks to continue even after target already knocked away

Bot Hacking

Today the years-old, mostly marginalized placeholder robot hacking system is finally history. Now things get real, with a proper huge range of options for stealing data, influencing AIs, or otherwise getting creative. With over five dozen hacks there's something in here for everyone, and twice as many non-combat hacks as combat hacks means plenty of AI-specific hackery, especially outside of combat when sneaking around trying to accomplish various goals.

Although serious hacking works only on non-prototype 0b10 bots, datajacks can still be used on any bot, an important need for parse_system which'll help you fill out your gallery faster (all parsed components are identified and added to the item gallery if not already there), especially if you meet up with any NPCs you'd rather not antagonize.

Even more importantly, using a Datajack isn't considered a hostile action, so you can pull off all kinds of shenanigans from the shadows completely undetected if you like, or otherwise sit around ordering 0b10 bots to do stuff like give you info without repercussions.

To take full advantage of the new system, however, you'll have to visit a RIF Installer... and doing that requires entering a Garrison! The first and probably easiest opportunity is in -8/Materials, so hack open the entrance and dive in. Hopefully prepared to blow away the inevitable unwelcoming defenders :). The RIF Installer isn't too hard to find, it'll be by the entrance or one of the exits. While you're in there, make sure to destroy some relays, as what you'll get is better than the usual stuff and this'll make the trip extra worth it. And remember to pick up at least one Datajack early, that and maybe a decent amount of storage capacity to help carry all those couplers.

Most players avoid Garrisons so aren't too well-versed in dealing with their challenges, and at first I imagine we'll see a fair bit more deaths there than usual, but lower Garrisons aren't too dangerous when you're prepared. If you are keen to start robot hacking but unprepared for a Garrison dive by the time you hit it in -8, there are a bunch more Garrisons to be found in -7/Factory.

The manual robot hacking UI has gotten an overhaul to include autocompletion and a fully-featured command buffer, too, for those who prefer typing for that extra hacker feel. (Data is stored in the new /user/buffer_robot.txt file.)

Check out a large collection of hacking demos and read about all the hacks on the blog, where there's also an in-depth introduction to the system and its design.

Note there are no bothack-related achievements being introduced for now. Those will come later when the system is finalized, in case there are some tweaks down the line. The existing handful of robot hacking achievements do still apply, though, as per the changelog.

A small sampling of fun stuff you can do with hacking:

- map_route -

- generate_echo -

- map_earth -

- overload_power -

- link_fov -

- link_fov + show_paths -

- ignore_targets -

If you're not sure what a hack does, right-clicking on it (or shift-letter) opens context help with a description.


Well the new robot hacking system is basically a big collection of unique buffs itself, but we already covered that... No wait, there's more! Datajacks themselves all got massive stat buffs, making them much faster and cheaper to use. As the key to hacking bots, they'll be much more flexible and reusable now, allowing you to pull off numerous hacks even in a combat scenario. (Note that Remote Datajacks can only be fired solo now, but that's not a drawback, just a way to prevent cheesing the delay system :P)

For a new buff unrelated to hacking we turn to GUNS. Since Beta 1 we've had the somewhat useful gunslinging mechanic, which allowed gun-only volleys to attack additional targets if the first target is destroyed, but it only took effect half the time, or more frequently if using targeting computers. Now it always does that--no computers required, so stock up on guns. This makes a gun-heavy play style even more reliable and effective in the early game, and gives another reason to consider evolving weapon slots over utilities.

The melee equivalent, where multiwielding follow-up attacks after destroying a target might switch to another adjacent target, is now also guaranteed. (Another related buff: All melee follow-up attacks incur no additional time cost aside from the weapon's halved time delay, making it quicker to get in more hits.)

Knockback has always been a thing with impact melee weapons, but now it's come to kinetic cannons as well! The chance of knocking a target back is a function of damage, range, and target size, and is checked for each projectile, so melee bots might have a hard time reaching you if you're sporting Flak Cannons :).

This pair of assault cannons does a nice job of implanting the target in an expoding reactor:

Knockback mechanics have also been updated to allow a bit of a chain reaction, where knocked robots can slam into other robots and both displace and damage them as well. This applies to both impact weapons and KI cannons, so firing a penetrating KI round down a busy corridor will make an even bigger mess than it already did :D. Technically knocking targets back will make it harder to hit them since it now counts as a "move", but they'll also have a harder time shooting at you while being knocked around, so with some targeting utilities you'll have a bigger advantage overall.

Among the new parts we have a new range of Kinecellerators, utilities for buffing your KI weapons. Entry level:

Kinecellerators are especially effective when combined with multikinetic volleys, although they could also be brutal combined with certain cannons. As with other weapon modification utilities, while active their effects are reflected in the info mode summary.

And technically this last one is a fix, but bringing it in line with the original intent is basically a buff compared to what it was before: Your first allied Operator will now give the proper full +10% to machine hacking, so \o/

Opposite of Buffs

The global alert level slowly decays over time as long as you're not causing trouble, and in the past you could repeatedly find places to hide and wait it out, eventually resetting it to zero. That won't work anymore, at least not forever, because alert decay now has diminishing returns. This will mostly be noticeable from the mid-game onwards for players who go through entire floors destroying everything. You'll have to use other methods of lowering alert, of which there are many, or just leave the floor, preferably into a more secluded floor.

That said, note the effects don't even start to kick in until after you've been on the same floor for at least 800 turns, and only if you've been causing mayhem, and even then the changes are quite minor and gradual. The main point of this change was to head off farming strategies.

In any case, it will probably still be tweaked again (alert has been tweaked in various ways throughout the years...), but let's see how the current settings play out. I'd like to do some typical combat runs myself to get more of a feel for it, but so far I've been more into playing with the hacking system since that's the Big New Thing.

Also these alert changes only affect the default difficulty level, easier modes behave as before.

Another change also meant to prevent farming is the addition of a sort of map-wise global timer for Z-hacking. You'll see. Don't worry, Z-terminals are still the optional OP crutch that system was built to be :P

The main true nerf of Beta 7 is to Sensor Arrays, and it's a situational one at that. If you use sensors you're probably aware that Watchers can jam them if close enough. Previously they had to have better sensors than you in order to achieve this effect, but now they can do it regardless of their sensor type, as long as they're in range. Sensors have always been an amazing utility, and still are, though the new rules will make certain areas more challenging. Especially in tighter late floors, players who like to rely on sensors will need to find some alternative strategies under certain circumstances (both machine and robot hacking can help here).

One-shotting ARCs was nerfed by letting them do an emergency deployment right before they're destroyed. Not many players are capable of fielding builds with enough firepower to reliably take out ARCs prior to deployment, but for those who do it won't mean an overly easy way to wade through assaults, since at least some of the bots will likely be somewhat intact to fight. The contents will generally not be in great shape, but they'll still be there :P


Putting the quality in life!

You'll now see a little glowing blue '@' marker indicating the direction of Cogmind when offscreen.

More ALERTs! All 0b10 bot calls for reinforcements that didn't already have one now display that notification as an on-map ALERT message. Even Garrison Access points which are activated in response to calls for backup will now also display that notification as an on-map ALERT message. These things existed in the message log before, but they're kinda important so making them flash and beep will make it extra obvious that Very Serious Things are happening.

The ability to tag an item with custom text as a memory aid is a rather common feature among classic roguelikes. Tagging is usually a part of the item identification process, and due to the nature of Cogmind's items and ID system it's almost never useful, hence the absence of a tagging feature all these years. However there are a handful of special cases towards the end of the game where you may know what a particular unidentified item is (based on where you found it) but not want to immediately attach-ID it. So now you can.

To tag an inventory item with a text note, press Shift-Alt-t followed by its inventory number. This feature is generally used to tag unidentified prototypes and alien artifacts that are known based on other factors or meta knowledge, so that they're not lost in the inventory later, indistinguishable from other unidentified artifacts. Erase an existing item tag by entering an empty tag for it. An example of tagging a serious item with a non-serious tag:

(Currently it's one of the rare keyboard-only commands, but we'll eventually get mouse access as well once there are enough of these rare commands so I can find a suitable UI scheme to include it.)

There are already a ton of methods for keyboard players to interact with items, but hey we can always use one more, right? This one is another feature found more often in classic roguelikes: modal item management. Some players prefer a fully modal approach to item interaction, rather than requiring the use of Ctrl/Shift/Alt key modifiers. The new 'p' key is the answer. It opens a menu that gives access to any part-related action, so [p] -> [action] -> [letter or number of part]. Here's the reminder that appears on entering the mode:

'p' was originally used to toggle the Part Auto-Activation feature, a key I'd always planned to replace when we needed it for something more vital, and it turns out 'p' for parts is perfect for the new modal menu :D (The old hotkey has been switched to F10 so it's still available if anyone really needs to toggle it in realtime.)

We have a number of feature requests in this section, too, which I'll point out here in case they'll help others as well...

Normally the map automatically pans during movement to keep Cogmind in the center, which is important for a number of usability reasons, but if you don't like that it can now be dectivated via advanced.cfg by setting viewFollowsCogmind=0. Here's a demo comparing the two methods using more or less the same scene:

There have been several requests to not autocenter on quitting mapshift mode because players who prefer scrolling with that method then can't follow drones very far. I've made that the default behavior and there's currently no option to change it back, as this technically brings it in line with all other scrolling methods--you can use either Enter key to recenter when you need to.

For fliers, non-forced melee attacks now require confirmation, since the intent may have been to jump a bot but you forgot to deactivate your melee weapon. (This can be turned off via ignoreFlyingMeleeConfirmation in advanced.cfg, though keeping it on will probably save you a facepalm or two in the long run.) Also mainly to benefit fliers, heat flow errors due to corruption temporarily block movement (as with part rejection), otherwise long moves could suddenly be hit with a heat spike and continue along happily until something burns out xD

A quick mention because I don't have anywhere else to put it: There were a few achievements that couldn't be earned in Beta 6, but now everything is available!

Meta Fun

Fun extra #1:

With a single command you can export a full-sized PNG of the current map as you've explored it. Images are placed in a new /screenshots-maps/ directory and named with the map's name, depth, and the number of turns spent on that particular map when the export was made. This process may take a few seconds because it needs to sequentially render numerous frames across the entire map, compiling them together into a single huge PNG.

Being a collage of screenshots, image exports use whatever font and size you've currently set. The example above shows an export using size 20 tiles.

I'm interested to see what people do with it, and I imagine it'll be useful for things like certain types of guides, creative endeavors, and strategy research. We've already been seeing some really cool exports shared by players during the prerelease testing phase.

Map exporting is currently keyboard-only: Shift-Alt-m. Like the Shift-Alt-t for item tagging, this one should eventually be mouse accessible as well, but not for now.

Fun extra #2 you probably don't want to do but here we go:

There are already a ton of ways to get data directly from Cogmind, or indirectly through the wiki or about leaderboard player performance, but one of the external pieces of data we don't yet have is robot stats. I certainly don't want to make players record individual data points from the game to populate the wiki, so for that and other uses I've added a command line option that automatically generates a CSV file containing all the robot data. The item gallery CSV export has already been used to generate the wiki's item pages, but there's been no corresponding feature for robots, until now :)

Here's a sample excerpt of the export, which in its entirety includes 179 lines and over 8,000 data fields o_O

Obviously there are going to be massive spoilers in the complete file, but I imagine anyone who does this will be aware of that fact... Note you don't need any of this to play since object data is available in game, but some players like to have it around as an external reference.

This feature isn't even documented anywhere but here for now. It's command line only. Run the game with the "-exportRobots" argument, then once it starts up you have to actually move one space for the export to happen :P


Special thanks to all our Beta 7 prerelease testers, who helped iron out a few issues and also sparked some tweaks before today's full release.

And thanks to everyone for your Steam reviews! In case anyone missed it, there's a pre-1.0 medium-term goal you can help with which could affect the future of Cogmind development. Check out the original announcement for more info. Reviews are very helpful for increasing Cogmind's visibility on Steam and by extension make it possible to keep bringing the updates :D. So many plans...

There is currently a 10% discount on Cogmind to coincide with the Beta 7 release. As a heads up, this is the largest discount Cogmind will have during Early Access unless at some point Valve decides to again offer exposure for a larger discount like they did in December 2017, in which case I might take them up. (But I wouldn't count on them doing that again, there being so many games out there these days :P)

For Linux users, Cogmind may now be installed through Steam. Read more in the last section of SITREP #35.

As usual, this weekend will not have a SITREP so soon following a new release. The next will come the week after when we'll take the usual look at player stats from Beta 6, our first release with [256!] achievements.

Now that Beta 7 is out I will, however, start streaming again, in fact starting shortly after this release announcement--let's play with these new hacks!

Beta 7 saves are not compatible with previous versions, but even if you're on Steam and have autoupdates enabled, Beta 6 is still available via its own legacy branch and you can roll back to finish a run in progress first if you like.

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