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Level codename: Area 3 media release plus a poll.. have your say on the level name and check out the stunning pictures!

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Dear community,

In June we released a teaser shot of our unnamed map, which was further mentioned in our Q&A Answers as Codename: Area 3.

This map is being developed by level designer Matt "mjl86" Lefevere with the majority of assetts, environment art designed and created by Peter "pAldred" Aldred & Jason "midwinterdreams" Matthews.

We are very excited and proud to show you this level in its near completed state (90% developed with just Final playtests and Sound Assets to be plugged in).
All credits will follow.

Area 3

Scene Setting: It's early morning, deep in the forest of an American mountain range. The fog is dense, birds are singing, and there's a crisp chill in the air. The luxurious mansion, owned by one of the military's highest-ranking generals, seems deceptively peaceful from the outside. Inside, though, is another story.

Scenario: Mercenaries have taken the general and his family hostage for $2 million ransom. They demand to be paid immediately and threaten to execute the family otherwise. With no time for a lengthy negotiation process, the SWAT team is sent in to handle the situation. Their orders? Rescue the hostages by any means necessary. They pull their SWAT truck into the driveway and enter the lush courtyard, not knowing what to expect...

Level Design by Matt Lefevere
Environment Created by Peter "pAldred" Aldred
Assets by Jason "midwinterdreams" Mathews
Additional Assets by kev2m, kaze36, Fleafa, Midgard, cdrose, FireFly, & rockstar6

God Rays
Lake Shot
Swat Spawn Pic
Library Pic
Top Overview

We are pleased to announce that this map will be shipped with the Tactical Assault public beta! However, since Area 3 doesn't sound like a fitting name for a map this awesome, we need your help!

We have narrowed down the choices to our top 5 and we are placing the final decision up to you, the TA community. The poll can be found on our website here will remain open for the next two weeks (till 28th August) and the most voted choice will be revealed and become the official name of the level!


Link to Poll

We hope you enjoyed the stunning work of our team and happy voting!

Your TA Team

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- We are looking for an experienced flash developer to join our team, great knowledge of photoshop is also required. You'll be polishing up our UI menus, it would be desirable if you have Action Script 2.0 knowledge, but this is not essential!

Tactical Assault requires a license for adobe photoshop! Your donations will be much appreciated, thank you.
Click here to lend your support to: Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended and make a donation
ghost59 - - 1,060 comments


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MadMonkey119 - - 643 comments

Looks great!

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doppl3r - - 196 comments

Shut up and take my money.

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|KILroy| - - 346 comments

I remember this map, its turning out well every time.

"Haven" seems fitting considering its surrounded by trees, and an obscure mansion just sitting out in the middle of no where gives off that sense of insecurity.

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thewonderboy - - 653 comments

Didnt know UE3 could do "god rays", or w8 are those faked ? (by faked i mean that they are not just.... Put there manualy)

I think they look niiice :>

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PytoX - - 742 comments

udk can do god rays

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xilefian - - 451 comments

UE3 can definitely do volumetric light scattering (The technical name for it)

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a2ny Author
a2ny - - 265 comments

No they are not fake, no editing, no photoshop! that an ingame screenshot

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