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Hi all! CNC2142 has been absent for a while.. but for good reason! Here we go, our first official update in 2011! ^^

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Hello to our Moddb friends & visitors! :D

First of all, hope all of you are doing fine!

The CNC2142 team would like to thank all of you, who have been visiting our websites in the past months! Your support is very important to us - it is vital to the success of our modification project! ^^

Back in Jan 2011, as you know the team started working on all the civilian buildings and props. Unfortunately, because of the way they are designed by EA - everything from street lights to sky scrapers were incompatible with the CNC3 Sage engine. The models were out of scale, and the textures were too demanding. We tried to remake everything, but given a mod team like ours that look for nothing less than perfection, we knew our work will always be slightly different from the originals in BF2142. Perhaps the worst of all, BF2142 contained no less than 300 different set pieces, remaking all of them was simply mission impossible.

Two months ago, we have decided to look for help from Remdul, an engineer from the famous Battlefield: Forgotten Hope modification. He helped us by designing a special in-house program for CNC2142, which enabled us to recreate EVERYTHING from BF2142 with precise details at a phenomenal rate. Every door sill, window frame, concrete crack, mud stain and burn mark are now present in our modification, exactly the way they originally appeared in Battlefield - and all this without affecting the game performance! We could never thank Remdul enough :D

Today, we will be posting our first set of images after 11 months of hard work! As always, tell us what you think! We hope you'll like this update as much as we do! :D

Thanks and take care!


Joshh - - 900 comments

Well if that's what the wait was for I'd say it's time well spent!

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Yuribeard7 - - 1,106 comments

Looking forward to the mod!!

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ApornasPlanet - - 4,125 comments


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Stormx2233 - - 63 comments

Geat work guys, its nice to see. Hope it all works out from all of us at the UK offices.

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flamingvipir - - 233 comments

Three cheers for Remdul!

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dta.Osiris - - 304 comments

This explains the long wait. Designing an in-game program to make the textures... wow you guys are dedicated. Once this mod is done it will be up at the top with other high quality mods.

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Tyrranus - - 243 comments

wow kick ***

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cowhiguy - - 4 comments

Is there any plans for this to continue or a least a semi done version to be released? It would be great to play.

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Sirport - - 12 comments

if there's no files to download can you get rid of them

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