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Yet another part of Sotha Sil out of the way, and thus the mod's release creeps ever closer.

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Once again, another major section of SSE is completed, the clockwork city itself. Screenshots can be found in the gallery.
It's not complete of course. It lacks interiors, proper lighting, some detail, and NPCs, but the base is all there.
Now, let me gush about... everything in the city. Starting with your house.
Fyr Manor is, like the name suggestions, the house Divayth Fyr used to live in during his visits to the city. It's unique in the fact that the rooms are interchangeable, however in the aftermath of Almalexia's attack, the manor has been damaged, and rooms have gone missing.
Yes, missing. By exploring the city and doing quests, the player is able to find and reconnect new rooms to Fyr Manor, and they can all be switched around.
Next, let's talk about Fabricants. Each fabricant in the city is powered by a... device, sort of like a soul-gem meets what powers centurions. Skilled pickpocketers can remove these devices, and doing so will kill the fabricant.
If you do this, you can have two choices. You can either take the soul back to your house, and break it down for ingridients and other things, or you can actually place it in another fabricant, and they will gain the personality of that fabricant.
Of course, this ties into several quests.
Finally, let me talk about the city itself. Besides the obvious Inception inspiration, the lighting changes based on the time of day, like an artificial sun. The player is able to travel to each face of the cube via special ports, though not all cube faces connect to each other.
And the framerate is good, unless you use MGE to double your view distance.
I will now be turning over the project to Knots, who will be doing the interiors.
All 360 of them.

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