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The heroic Knight Templar, introduced in the previous version of the mod, now joins the cast of characters available for the Legend 9 demo. A series of upgrades have been made, to bring this DLC up to the current standards of the mod. Take a look at the gameplay and crush your enemies in this Hexen crusade!

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As promised, the Cleric mod DLC - was the first to be upgraded to match the latest iteration of Legend: Farewell Edition. Now you get to play Hexen Legend-9 demo as the Templar class with this DLC. While it is limited to the Legend-9 demo progression, - it is otherwise fully functional, including the 4th weapon.

CL 9 web title

There are quite a few differences between this version, created for Legend-9, and the previous one - made for (the currently obsolete) - Legend 8.33 The changes are both aesthetic and gameplay-based as well.

- The story graphics now appear properly in true color.

- Rebuilt morning star / dagger combo action. Now the weapon's damage increases with each consequent hit. Maxing out at 4 hits. If you swing and miss - the sequence will reset. New SFX for the morning star / dagger combo.

- Improved Serpent Staff sprite standstill with additional animations and graphics.

- Improved Serpent Staff sprite attack graphics with new detail and concepts.

- Rebuilt Serpent Staff animation sequence from scratch.

- Serpent Staff now fires 3 projectiles instead of 2, despite that, it loses accuracy at long range, thus remaining most effective at close to mid range. New SFX for the Serpent Staff projectile explosion.

- Wraithverge standstill sprite has been improved with additional animations. It now has four concurrent animations, making it look ominously alive.

- Wraithverge action is changed. Unfortunately, due to the way Legend-9 is built - the classic Wraithverge action is no longer possible. In the Templar DLC, the weapon fires like a combo between the Fighter's ultimate weapon attack, and that of the Mage. It is still very effective, rest assured. New SFX too.

As far as the other two DLC's go (The Marine & The Mercenary) - that'll have to wait until the full version of Legend-9 is released, as it already has slipped into the first quarter of 2023. Stay tuned and enjoy the ride!

Guardian of Fire

Seven Portals

Guardian of Steel

Tower1 1

Bright Crucible

Guardian of Fire

Here is the updated version of the DLC (0.94 aka 9A), which includes several fixes and improvements. Warning: Using the older version of the DLC (0.91) - will restrict the latest build of Legend-9 to the demo version.

Cleric mod v0.94 for Legend-9 Beta 0.4




Earth Shrine

Bright Crucible

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