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Time to take a look-back at our race dev journals, 9 in all to check out (especially since you've only been following us for a short time, we don't judge!)

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As mentioned in one of our recent dev journals about rivens, we’ve covered every playable race in City of Steam (so far). As an easy reference, we thought it would be a good idea to put all of them together for you to peruse at your leisure.


Can’t we all just get along…?

Heartlanders: Living smack in the middle of the Major Plate of the World Machine, these versatile and tolerant humans have seen more than their fair share of both adversity and diversity.

Stoigmari: Proud and dutiful, the Stoigmari have built quite the nation for themselves. It may be freezing cold, but good strong liquor is always plentiful!

Ostenians: There are two sides to every coin, and nowhere is this truer than Ostenia. Find out more about these fun-loving but oppressed people.

Avens: Highly advanced technologies and Arcane discoveries give the people of Avenoss an advantage… and a sense of superiority they rarely fail to display opeonly.


They could have beauty contests… if the draug even cared about that nonsense.

Draug: They might not be great at seeing color or detail, but they could hear you sneaking in the fog from a mile away.

Rivens: They were the last (but definitely not least) race we talked about. Granted, it wasn’t that long ago, but in case you missed it, here’s your chance to catch up:


Too many greenskins in one place is just asking for trouble…

Orcs: You don’t truly know what “harsh life” means until you’ve walked a mile in an orc’s shoes (or lack thereof). They may look like unrefined brutes, but there is more to them than meets the eye.

Goblins: Too curious for their own good, goblins can end up causing a lot of trouble. It doesn’t help that they have massive families, either…

Hobbes: Despite their wild streak, hobbes have great respect for those with true power… be they rulers of a nation or street gang leaders. They are best to have as friends than enemies.

Next week, we should be getting more insight on the Design and Coding side of things. Stay tuned for a peek at what’s coming in Beta! And of course, you’re always welcome to join in and discuss your preferences with the Forum community!

- City of Steam Dev Team


Or just play WoW

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