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Circle of Eight issues further updates for the version 7 modpack.

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The Circle of Eight is pleased to present various additional upgrades for our version 7.7.0 releases. You can download the standard (left) and new content (right) versions below.

Circle of Eight Modpack 7.7.0 Circle of Eight Modpack 7.7.0 NC



  • Fixed bug where some random encounters would occur with competing opponents.
  • Fixed short description listed range for masterwork light and heavy crossbows.
  • Reworked animal companion strategies so they are less self-destructive.
  • Renamed many unknown condition protos to be less specific and more general.


  • Touched up Fruella, Furnok, and Raimol's portraits.
  • Fixed issue with being unable to confront traders about assassin if you had exposed Jayfie and reported to Burne.


  • Touched up Serena's portrait.


  • Fixed bug where Temple Level 3 was getting wrong random encounters.
  • Gave Iuz and St. Cuthbert nominally more complex AI strategy routines.
  • Gave Barkinar and Deggum dying/resurrection flags.
  • Restored Senshock's potion loot and moved it to his chest.
  • Gave Senshock a magic quarterstaff because he had no weapon.
  • Gave Deggum an Unholy Mace +1 because he had no weapon.
  • Replaced Senshock's random gems and jewelry with specific gems and jewelry from the module.
  • Restored Barkinar and Deggum's potion loot and moved it to a new chest. Added gold treasure per the module.
  • Gave Deggum and Barkinar gloves and pocket money.
  • Removed scripting that affected Senshock, Barkinar, and Deggum's inventory.
  • Adjusted day/night standpoints for Barkinar and Deggum so that they are both in Senshock's study by day and their own room by night.
  • Removed Barkinar's waypoints.
  • Updated Hedrack, Senshock, Barkinar, Deggum, and Temple mages' spell lists and strategies.
  • Updated Hedrack, Senshock, Barkinar, Deggum, and Temple mages' prebuffing routines.
  • Made it so Senshock will arrive as backup in any major Temple Level 4 battle.
  • Made it so that Barkinar and Deggum will arrive as backup in Senshock's chambers.
  • Made it so that bugbears arrive as backup for Barkinar and Deggum battle.
  • Made Senshock's elementals unconcealed.
  • Made Senshock's elementals and quasits docile if he is present and hostile if he is absent.


  • Reduced Fireforge's smithy armor to + 3 and weapons to +2.
  • Moved Archer's Eye Firefoge to Archer's Eye smithy.
  • Added Simon NPC and Simon's Wonderworld shop.
  • Added Jesus Staccatori NPC and Major Tremolo shop.
  • Added Aerich Dragonsbane NPC and Dragonsbane Bows and Fletchings shop.
  • Added Cyn NPC and Cyn's Sensuous Silks shop.
  • Added Carl NPC and Golden Bullseye shop.
  • Added Dame Nelly NPC and Touching Cloth shop.
  • Added Anom NPC and Mystic Services shop.
  • Tweaked conditions for getting Prince Zook's notice.
  • Tweaked Captain Abiram's dialogue to allow for getting information on Wilfrick in repeat visits.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy this edition of The Circle of Eight Modpack.

- The Circle of Eight Team


best mod ever

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Great Job! Keep adding stuff up!
Im still playing campaign on 7.5.0 (NC of course).

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Does this mod work with the GOG version of TOEE?


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Yes, it should. It works great for me anyway.

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