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Updates to the 6.0.0 releases deliver a multitude of fixes and tweaks.

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The Circle of Eight is pleased to present a significant upgrade to the 6.0.0 series modpacks - Circle of Eight Modpacks 6.1.0 and 6.1.0 NC.

Both modpacks are identical, save for the major new content expansions included in the NC version.

Verbobonc: Civic Center

Updates in Circle of Eight Modpacks 6.1.0 and 6.1.0 NC include:


- Added Circle of Death spell description to
- Fixed shift-click long description bug with traders' shortsword.
- Fixed magic black breastplates +1 being pre-identified.
- Tweaked generic citizens' runoff scripts.
- Fixed bug where generic citizens wouldn't flee combat.
- Added assistants for Burne, Otis, and Mother Screng to handle their bartering.
- Added resurrection scripting for all NPCs with death scripting so as to avoid other NPCs acting like NPCs are dead if they've been resurrected.
- Made good/lawful NPCs in party disband and attack party if party attacks generally good/innocent NPCs.
- Made good/lawful NPCs in party disband and refuse to rejoin if party attacks innocent farm animals.
- Made Rod of the Viper (a quarterstaff) a large two-handed weapon.
- Made Rod of the Python a large two handed weapon, per its long description.
- Reduced Robe of Eyes spot and search to 10 from 15, per the SRD, and removed the -4 penalty to fortitude.
- Changed name of Lareth's Staff of Striking to Lareth's Club of Striking, as it is a club.
- Changed name of the Rod of Smiting to Mace of Smiting, as it is a light mace.
- Added long descriptions for bardic instruments, red forge plate, and axiomatic warhammer +2.
- Fixed scarab of protection being pre-identified.
- Fixed script bugs in Pintark, Tuelk, Deggum, Kella, Brunk, Scorpp, and Darley's dialog files that weren't properly calling for race: halforc and race: halfelf.
- Fixed proto errors for half orcs Tubal, Smigmal Redhand, Brunk, thug leader, and hired thug that gave them wrong monster category subtype: half_orc instead of subtype: orc and human.
- Added Scroll of Acid Fog proto.
- Made it so that Assassin, Thrommel reward, Countess Tilahi reward, and Sargen reward random ncounters don't occur on Scrub Road map with campfire.
- Fixed bug where the slaughtered caravan map graphics were not displayed.
- Fixed installation utility bug that appended an extra 'Temple of Elemental Evil' onto any secondarily selected installation directory.


- Fixed bug where Turuko and Kobort would auto-join parties during combat if the other was charmed.
- Removed non-essential mobs from Hommlet exterior whose scripts were sometimes malfunctioning.
- Removed DO NOT USE bullets from Welcome Wench first floor and traders' store.
- Removed Furnok's open diary related dialog.
- Made Burne's magical gear and valuables non-transferable (Less Humble NPCs).
- Fixed bug where Valden wouldn't give out spiked wooden shields like he says he will.
- Reduced likelihood of Calmert having holy maces +1 and silver light maces in stock to 10%.
- Reordered Hommlet signpost and added three destinations: blacksmith, tailor, and woodcutter.


- Fixed bug with continuing Lareth fight after he offers to surrender.
- Fixed bug where charmed members of Lareth's troops could wake up fellow troops.
- Parsed Lareth villain speech audio.
- Added generic item inventory icon for Lareth's dresser.
- Fixed bug where Kobort would restart his dialog during combat in the Moathouse Ambush.
- Restored original DCs, lock status, and trap status of chests on Moathouse maps.
- Moved Moathouse Dungeon ghouls' chest contents from chest to ghouls' nest at back of crypt, per the module.
- Moved Moathouse Dungeon crayfish loot contents from chest to edge of pool, per the module.
- Removed scroll of Raise Dead from Moathouse Interior.
- Reduced loot of Moathouse Interior fine chest, per the module.
- Restored Lareth's diary to unlocked condition.
- Removed Lareth purchase equipment dialog.


- Made it so that Tolub uses a weapon in any battle outside of Eye of the Tiger brawl quest.
- Tweaked Dala and Pearl's runoff scripts.
- Made Otis' valuables non-transferable (Less Humble NPCs).
- Made Otis take his gems and jewelry from his anvil when he joins so you can't loot it while he's in the party.


- Fixed bug where story state 5 wasn't being set by Alrrem or Romag if you were recruited. Also added bulletproofing to set same in dialog if temples are on alert.
- Added alignment to NPC Ed.
- Gave NPC Ted 10 hit points like Ed and Ed instead of 1.
- Made it so that Morgan runs off permanently upon disbanding from party (will not reappear in Temple cell).
- Changed Earth Temple Lieutenant's AI type so he doesn't just defend.
- Added dialog for generic temple prisoners to leave after being rescued.
- Made Smigmal Redhand's proto race: halforc instead of human, as she's supposed to be.
- Restored original Scather and Fragarach models.
- Overhauled Scorpp: removed Wonnilon's crossbow and bolts and Wonnilon's scroll and hill giant rocks from Scorpp's inventory so he only uses hill giant spiked club in combat; made dialog proactive so Scorpp speaks when you enter his room; made pet worg non-hostile when Scorpp stops combat to surrender and/or join.


- Made it so that Taki runs off permanently upon disbanding from party (will not reappear in Air Node).

Verbobonc: Coliseum


- Gave Mother Monster Plant and Monster Untripable properties (NC modpack only).


- Fixed bug where it was still impossible to report Monster Mash quest as completed to Canon Ramses (NC modpack only).
- Fixed bug where Darlia wouldn't initiate sequence of Wilfrick assassination if you thought about it and came back (NC modpack only).
- Added an option to opt out of informing Wilfrick about the assassination order after reporting on the drow and added an option to inform him separately through normal dialog (NC modpack only).
- Removed scroll of Summon Swarm from Bazaar of the Bizarre in Verbobonc. Also removed it from spell lists and
- Added Scroll of Acid Fog to Ariel's inventory in Bazaar of the Bizarre (NC modpack only).
- Expanded Canon Ramses' dialog to include Hextor neighbor discussion, Monster Mash quest, and castle ghost consultation (NC modpack only).
- Expanded Maurice the banker's dialog to include castle ghost inquiry (NC modpack only).
- Fixed bug that may have interfered with time limit to do Removing Wilfrick quest (NC modpack only).
- Added paladin falling in Verbobonc for killing: Gregor, Victor, Jylee, Maurice, Elysia, Lord Viscount Wilfrick, Lydia, Jenna, Nybble, Gleem, Chanda, Ariel, Canon Ramses, Prince Zook IV, Verbobonc and Narwell guards, gnome guards, Captain Abiram, Captain Absalom, Captain Achan, Bella, jewel merchant, attorney, Pelor clerics, Verbobonc and Narwell mages, Verbobonc citizens, Canon Thaddeus, Bathsheba, Samson, and Goliath (NC modpack only).
- Fixed bug with Hextor priest and cleric portraits (NC modpack only).
- Made it so that the fugitives will only stay in your party for five days (NC modpack only).
- Reworked Narwell and Wilfrick escort ring inventories (NC modpack only).
- Stopped all Narwell and Wilfrick escort gaurds' deaths from counting toward Constable Killer reputation (NC modpack only).
- Added bedrest flag to Jylee's Inn upper floor and floors one and two of the Verbobonc castle (NC modpack only).
- Fixed bug with clearing murderer reputations in Verbobonc (NC modpack only).
- Made the Verbobonc overseers and guardian barbarians (NC modpack only).
- Made the Verbobonc overseers and guardian spawn if you attack Wilfrick at home or at work (NC modpack only).
- Consolidated some non-essential Verbobonc interior maps (NC modpack only).
- Made some cosmetic improvements to Verbobonc exterior map and eliminated some non-essential buildings (NC modpack only).

We sincerely hope that you enjoy these versions of the Circle of Eight modpack.

- The Circle of Eight team


Great to see 6.0 going strong.

Big thanx and Kudos.

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thanks! amazing mod

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