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Co8 releases additional bug-fix updates for the 5.9 series modpacks.

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Circle of Eight Modpacks 5.9.2 BETA and 5.9.2 NC BETA are patch releases in the form of new modpacks and contain optimization and bugfixes for the 5.9.0 and 5.9.1 releases. Treat these releases as separate modules and install them accordingly (see previous installation instructions). These modpacks are not compatible with saves from the previous 5.9series modpacks, since they are separate modules. You must start a new game after installation.

New Content: Welkwood Bog



- Fixed Armario masterwork delivery.
- Tweaked Thrommel Scather delivery scenario to good-aligned PCs.
- Fixed and standardized barter inventory refreshing for all merchants.
- Fixed tile blocking issue on Temple Entrance map.
- Fixed locations where it is registered that Otis has been to temple with you.
- Removed extra longspears from skeleton guards at Emridy Meadows.
- Bulletproofed scripting in Skole goons encounter so you don't have to revisit Boatmens Tavern for it to fire.
- Removed last of undead amulets from Emridy Meadows zombies.
- Faded edges of Moathouse Exterior map that became exposed due to expanding map limts.
- Lowered escaped Lareth reward payout amount.
- Removed DO NOT USE arrow from Water Node.
- Removed DO NOT USE bullets from Moathouse Dungeon.
- Fixed dialog bug where Kelno wouldn't take you to the Greater Temple.
- Simplified area descriptions in saved games.
- Mobbed in Moathouse Ambush.

New Content: Hickory Branch

Hickory Branch

- Hopefully re-bulletproofed Noblig so he doesn't reappear at Hickory Branch entrance anymore (NC modpack only).
- Fixed heartbeat bug where Hungous would sometimes stop combat and do his speech again (NC modpack only).
- Changed Hickory Branch orc archers to use five foot step, not rage, and carry only shortbows (NC modpack only).

New Content: Arena of Heroes

Moathouse Respawn

- Mobbed in Moathouse Respawn (NC modpack only).
- Upped constitution of Moathouse Respawn witch (NC modpack only).

New Content: Verbobonc


- Fixed various flag and scripting issues with Senshock in Verbobonc (NC modpack only).
- Bulletproofed Verbobonc banker's dialog so he can't offer to sell you castle a second time (NC modpack only).
- Bulletproofed the Verbobonc fugitives' disband and attack routines (NC modpack only).
- Beefed up Wilfrick entourage mildly and added two archers (NC modpack only).
- Changed Wilfrick's dialog so you can talk to him about assassination topics during the day at city hall (NC modpack only).
- Bulletproffed Wilfrick's dialog further to stop him mentioning assassination job if you haven't got it, avoid loops, and nullify it if Darlia is dead (NC modpack only).

- The Circle of Eight team

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