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Co8 releases new bug-fix updates for the 5.8 series modpacks.

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Circle of Eight Modpacks 5.8.1 NC BETA and 5.8.1 BETA are patch releases in the form of new modpacks and contain fixes for bugs found in the 5.8.0 releases.

Treat these releases as separate modules and install them accordingly (see previous installation instructions). These modpacks are not compatible with saves from the 5.8.0 NC or 5.8.0 standard modpacks since they are separate modules. You must start a new game after installation.


- Fixed bug in Burne's Badger dialog.
- Removed brothel dialog from Mona.
- Changed to reflect 20 charges per wand.
- Made shopmap chests passive.
- Removed stolen flag from fine chainmail and masterwork fine chainmail so you can sell it.
- Removed amulets of resistance to turning from skeletons.
- Removed ripple effects that unconcealed as engageable NPCs (NC modpack only).
- Reduced Mathel's treasure (NC modpack only).
- Added attack line to Mathel's dialog (NC modpack only).
- Lowered lock DC on Mathel's chest (NC modpack only).
- Changed trap type on Mathel's chest (NC modpack only).
- Made Mathel fully undead (NC modpack only).
- Refined speaking conditions for Hickory Branch NPCs (NC modpack only).
- Removed Hickory Branch access "never mind" response from Kenter Nevets dialog (NC modpack only).
- Changed Hickory Branch cave orc shaman's domain to strength from magic to match Gruumsh (NC modpack only).
- Added Hickory Branch cave blocakage to Hickory Branch faction so friendlies don't attack it (NC modpack only).
- Bulletproofed Noblig runoff (NC modpack only).
- Bulletproofed Hickory Branch heartbeat dialog (NC modpack only).
- Added mention of "Moathouse" to Brother Smyth's dialog for Moathouse Respawn lead-in (NC modpack only).
- Fixed error in Gnarley Forest witch reward dialog (NC modpack only).
- Added merchant's scale.

- The Circle of Eight team


hey can someone help i did everything i was told to do and i cant get the mod thing to work i installed patch 1 and patch 2 (not 3) my comp is all up to spec. its on vista tho (is that a problem?) then i downloaded the circle of eight mod and i clicked on tfe-x and started the deal, there was a message saying that there was a slight error and let me continue anyways. i was told that i had to click on the mod from the list and activate but there wasnt any mod list! should i uninstall toee and re-install it?

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