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The 26th Devlog details the progress of the story implementation and many things. The progress includes Voice Acting progress and new Backgrounds.

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Heya, wltr3565 here. The game's content implementation is currently going rather well. We have completed the writing and implementation of the cutscenes for the Main Story. We have already implemented the cutscenes for all the Activities too.

About the Main Story, we can't show you any visuals of it because, yes, spoilers. But we can tease you about 1 thing: This game will have a True Ending and Final Boss.

This Final Boss, however, is not necessary to be defeated to clear the game and see your Ciel's fate after the 10 (in-game) years of journey with her. But this True Ending will affect your Ciel's fate too, unlocking more possibilities for the ending. Taking down this Final Boss will be a difficult challenge, though, so it's not for the faint of heart. Are you ready to raise her to be capable of breaking the chains of fate?

Speaking of the progress of Voice Acting, the voice lines for Ciel are currently being recorded. The voice actress is doing a good job for the performance. Although because of the circumstances (especially Ramadhan), the progress is rather sluggish. But the lines should be ready in no time.

Regarding the voices for the NPCs, we're still finding the right voice actors/actresses. When the time is right, we will show you some samples of the voices.


The progress of the Background illustrations is getting along well. The ones above are for both the Hospital and Pet Shop. Yes, there will be some Activities that are set within either the two of them.

That's all for now. Bye!

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