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In this 25th devlog entry, we talked about what happened on the development side during the month of the kickstarter campaign for Ciel Fledge and the follow up of what are we doing after the campaign is done succesfully.

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Hi everyone, num here. It's been a while since any devlog was posted. The original plan was having a twice a month devlog to track development and also with an added benefit to hone our writing skills. Unfortunately, the schedule is quite messed up last month since we have to prepare for and run the campaign. With the campaign ends up successfully now the team will be back to our usual development schedule.

Development Progress During The Campaign

While in the previous devlog we always feature some sort of picture or gifs of anything new in the development. During the month, I focused into writing the main story line content instead. So there is not much to show in the graphic side, aside of 1-2 new backgrounds. That's right, aside on working on the design and graphical side, I'm also the main writer for Ciel Fledge. To put it into a perspective, despite the name "studio" we are not really a studio to speak, the core development team consists of me and wltr3565 (wltr3565 is responsible for the programming side and also a co-writer) with the help of an assistant programmer and a dedicated composer (which is also helping to proofread the writing). So you can imagine the amount of work we currently undertake.

With the main storyline content almost complete. I can focus more on the graphical and design part of the development, which I'm happy to be back. Almost all of the graphical content currently focused on Ciel's child section, next time I will make sure that her teen and adult section get some spotlight!

What we are doing now

We are back in the development full speed right now. On the graphical side, works continues on graphic assets for chapter 2 and 3 (Ciel's teen and adult years). I've been designing and creating some of Ciel's default outfit for teen and adult with more in progress to come. Here are some example of Ciel's teen default outfit that can be mix and matched with each other.

ciel teen outfit

On the programming side. wltr3565 is implementing all the writings to in-game cut scenes and events. With the amount of writings, it will take a while before it's all finished. That aside, I've also been in contact with various voice actor/actress and hopefully we will start begin working with them in the coming weeks!

For all the Kickstarter backers, especially those on Item Designer and Fashion Designer tier, we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss and start designing and creating your rewards after the bureaucracy with Kickstarter is done.

Thank you for reading and see you in the next devlog!

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