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The MOD is being tested and will soon release a public beta.

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Chu and Han : Total War

chuhanchuhanChu and Han: Total War
Production schedule

Battlefield model: 99%
Strategic model: 99%
Text: 99%
Interface and flag: 99%
Avatar and illustrator: 99%
Unit cards: 99%
Events and script: 99%
Historical battles: 99%
Overall Progress: 99%

Chu and Han production team members:
System Integration Group:
Leader -mahailong008

Model group:
Model - 雾影残雪
Model -Rev
Model -mahailong008

Art group:
Leader - 张郎
Avatar - 铁马秋风
Soldiers brand -浅墨
Artists - 梧桐

Script -99茄子

Leader -kag
History - 一蓑烟雨
History - 坐以待币

Audio - 天华逸士
The voice - 这样何妨

Leader - 一颗毒药
Video - 孔嘉

Leader -mahailong008
Text -kag
Biography - 玄德

Leader - 许诺
Profile - 这样何妨

Profile - 淮阴侯

Advocacy group:
Leader -mahailong008


Guests - 最后的书吏(Max-Scribe)

Guests - 非专业冬瓜
Guests - 重拾信念者
Guests - 九道
Guests - Dragonlegend
Guests - 福娃
Guest - 小维
Guests -weeks
Guests - 赤色黎明
Guests -Magic
Guests - 特洛伊
Guests - 穆如寒江
Guests - 荷花
Guests -Kai
Guests - 快乐些
Guests - 迷魂乐

Guests - 唐教授

Guests - twin1981

Brothersproduction team:
HanZhiShang Production Group
North to the production team
Rome Sengoku production team
Mount & Blade Chu and Han production team
Mount & Blade 12th century production team
Mount & Blade HanHun garian production team

EB2 production team

DBM production team


so good & good luck guys ;)

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