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The only thing unskilled traveller needs. As long as you don't want some toilet paper.

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Happy New Year!.. Wait, it's kinda late already.
It happens that the news we were supposed to deliver at the beginning of December only came around by now. It's all because the process of feature's undergoing development was postponed and prolonged, the tests were delayed, the code was breaking and getting repaired for unexpectedly long time due to personal business of team members. The technical difficulties though are not interesting and we're simply lazy to expand on this, whilst the news must be written.

=Be warned: Lots of explaining in regards of the way books are done below.=

The task at hand was to make books work as we suppose them to, and make it in the most optimal way instead of writing hundreds lines of noob code in each book's script, amount of which is certainly connected with amount of the books, which are almost 10 books per each of 14 skills, and add to that 11 unique Cat's Paw issues for some quest you might already know by now, and some others.
Implementation of models and textures of this heap of paper (literally, if you drop all of those books on the weak character from approximately two meter height, he will be dead) was done by F@Nt0M, whilst the code-related 'pleasures' were 'enjoyed' by VirusMS. Also Kadz1cy helped us with the icons, but he's still working on it as well as Klamath.

There is probably no reason in placing the books' list for show here, so we're place the emphasis on implementation of the feature. First of all, our PC doesn't eat or 'reuse' books in the toilet after he's done with them, meaning it stays in the inventory after being used. Reading it many times in a row is not a good idea though because you should do breaks to get some sleep and to stuff your stomach, especially if you are not one of the smart Chosen Ones - the book requires half an hour to read as a base and half an hour per each lacking intelligence point. The book you just read can be sold, thrown out, gifted or anything you might want to do with your valuable junk. You can also read it again if you feel you missed something in it, since dynamic bonuses of the book (which depend on your current skill level) are not the only bonuses you can get from those books. Reading those books may help you remember/note in Pip-Boy some useful notes, which are required for some additional abilities. In other case it can teach you use power armor - a feature which makes technical manual useful.

BUT the main feature of the book is that the book you just read is, however it is strange, marked read since the moment you just read it. That means any other same issue of the book is, unfortunately, useless. If you have ten similar books, you're at the very least lucky to not die out of cold in the night. The books themselves have a chance to be replaced upon respawn. It may be a positive feature as well as negative one, since you may get the same book a few times in a row.

Comprehension perk, apart from buffing the bonuses 1.5 times, also has more expanded, detailed message in regards of new skills you acquired, thanks to Ash, who wrote all those texts.

2 15

Regarding the magazines, we can say that this old stuff breaks apart into its pages while you read it, it doesn't have some insanely powerful buff, and it contains something useful just like books, but more rarely compared to them.

Our fresh screenshots show all of repair-related books, Power Armor technical manual (thanks to WEST TEK workshop, we didn't have to figure out a logo for scientific facility, who are responsible for PA and FEV, which is responsible for most of the living things in the wastes), and two old books' screenshot replacement, since the old books didn't take thickness from their icons into consideration.

That's it for now, folks. We are still alive, the completion percent is something we won't say, no dates too. Next news will be about the locations, but not much going there since we lost 2/3 of our mappers, and the new one made them twice more not much ago.
To summarise... Happy holidays!

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Looks nice...but lets be honest.This will end like any other remake project.
Also you should post this on nexus so more people see it and maybe you get some help with the project.

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F@Nt0M - - 73 comments

Let's not to call lazy skepticism honest.

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