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Choice of Destiny 7116 high quality (stable) and Choice of Destiny 7116 Tree pack.

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So released Choice of Destiny 7116 high quality (stable) and Choice of Destiny 7116 Tree pack. Those 2 packs contain game but are different. The high-quality release now is stable and work you can play on it and don't worry but after adding trees we've got a huge problem with NPC. Now no fix currently and Choice of Destiny 7116 tree pack with MUTANTS only. There past 2-3 days how I try to fix crashing Stalker but nothing. Maybe it needs a lot of time to find a solution but now you can anyway try and stable high quality and with trees. Gameplay is mostly walking around and talking with NPC, fighting vs mutants, and trading. Trading is bad currently in-game but it's working. We recommend playing with stable. Until no solution with tree pack. But as said before you can check both. Don't forget - unpack archive - copy folder Choice of Destiny - click start.exe - in option choice what's need - exit - start.exe and you can start the game. Don't forget the Static light not working! In the last tree pack added sleep place on all location. So you can use it and choice time when UP. You don't need to wait night or morning - just use. Also, we are now learning to use X-Ray engine - OpenXray (OpenXRay is an improved version of the X-Ray Engine, the game engine used in the world-famous S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game series by GSC Game World.). But it's crashing too, anyway, maybe we will use it in the future. SZM-Team saying Thanks for all previous downloads which were. It's very important to us that people download and are interested in the project. Choice of Destiny is free and we are making the game for free! When we fix the tree pack sure it's will be released and with high quality (tree pack still don't compiled with high quality). In future, if development is not abandoned releases will be by version 0.2 - 1.0 not like now.

So now you can recheck our gameplay videos from stable and tree pack videos:

Download stable:

Choice of Destiny 7116 high quality (stable)

Download non-stable trees (no NPC):

Choice of Destiny 7116 Tree pack


There are actually more bloodsuckers in versions than on video.

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