Where have you guys been? The Delta quadrant? Progress Report

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Deep Cryogenic Rest

Damage Report:

We here at sharksharkshark decided to switch our console release focus and have upgraded to the latest Unity build. There were too many fixes to ignore and CORP thought it would be best to put our efforts into a PC release. Our new shipment of giant GBOT units had to cross through an ion radiation nebula, forcing them to put all organic life into a state of suspended animation for 7 EARTH months. They have successfully crossed the nebula and we are back online.

Systems Check:

Welcome to Battle Royale. Note the new and improved charge DASH. Feel amazed by our larger GBOT units. Although they are bigger, GBOT are also moving faster in this new environment. And for CHIMPS? … Uh oh. CORP… what happened to CHIMPS?

Sub-spatial Trans-kinetic Analysis:

What is coming up? Well, after CHIMPS outsmarted TRAPS they apparently gained an appetite for GEMS. Look out for CHIMPS in TREES. CORP also has an itch to release something soon. Thanks for sticking with us.

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