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Chimera Variants comming soon...

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I've been busy fixing various problem/improving the chimera the past 2 months or so and slowly adding in variants. The first 2 to be finished are the Chimedon (left) and Chimerro (right). On the wiki it states the Chimedon has a conqueror cannon but there's no way that could fit on a chimera so I opted to give it a custom 90mm cannon, designating it as a light tank. The Chimerro has 8 Hunter killer missiles with 3 reloads which can be fired almost instantly one after the other plus a heavy stubber for good measure.

Chimera Variants

A lot of quality of life improvements are also commingto ICP such as custom weapons optics for all Chimeras and Leman Russes

Chimera Gunners Optics:

Chimera gunner optics

Leman Russ Gunner Optics:Leman Russ Gunner Optics

Commander Periscope Optics shared across all ICP vehicles:Chimera Commander Optics

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