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New video with animations of our protagonist, the Child.

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Davy is making good progress on animating our protagonist, Child, so he decided to show it off by making an army of creepy clones.. Check it out in videos section!

In other news we have found two talented environment artists, Robert and Branden who are now working on assets for the first environment, City. Hopefully we will be able to showcase some of their work by the end of the month. We are still looking for one more 3D artist, preferably one who can also animate.

I am currently designing new features for the game that will add a certain element of skillplay into current point and click gameplay. With these features, you can look forward to experiencing a refreshing subgenre of adventure games that combines traditional point and click model with more active (to avoid saying action as you will probably be thinking of indiana jones or uncharted..) gameplay, without breaking the immersion and pacing of the game.

A new programmer, Karol, have also joined our team. He is currently busy with UI for the game. Speaking of which, if you are experienced with Flash, give me a shout ;)


nice work =) any release plans for the game? steam greenlight, desura, anything?

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Araklaj Author

Of course we'd like to reach out to as many as possible, but we will be able to have better judgement on the matter once we have demo out and get feedback on it :)

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