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Metal Dead is a character driven story. Let's take a look at the ones we'll be spending the most time with!

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In Metal Dead, you play as Malcolm, an unassuming metalhead on a quest to find the cause of the undead apocalypse. Like Abbot had his Costello, Butt-head had his Beavis, and Sam had his Max, Malcolm has his Ronnie.

Ronnie is a stereotypical, misanthropic headbanger who fancies himself as a ladies man, professional death growler, and epic beard grower all rolled into one.

Malcolm and Ronnie in the car.

As the game begins, Malcolm and Ronnie are cruising the undead infested streets in the hopes of finding a safe haven. Things go desperately wrong, and the two end up wrecking their car rather conveniently outside the MediGeniTech building, where bizarre genetic experiments obviously take place. Ronnie is flung through the windshield and dies violently, and before long he's turned into one of the mindless undead.

You, in control of Malcolm, find your way into the building where you meet a mad, German scientist. As mad German scientists are wont to do, he sends you on a errand to bring him a specimen - a fresh undead head. The first thought in Malcolm's mind is Ronnie, and he makes his way back to his friend's re-animated corpse.

After tearing Ronnie's head from his body, you bring it back to the doctor. Following an experimental surgery, Ronnie is able to communicate through an implanted speaker in his undead cranium. Although a little more rotten and smellier than when he was alive, Ronnie is back to his usual self.

You take Ronnie's head with you. An icon appears in the menu bar that allows you to talk to Ronnie when no one is around. After all, who would take kindly to a freak carrying an undead head? If you become stuck in one of the game's many puzzles, you can consult with Ronnie who'll give you hints and updates on what you should be doing.

Despite being dead and craving the sweet taste of human flesh, Ronnie stays with you and provides you with an even mix of knowledge and humor throughout the length of the game.

noTformaT - - 34 comments

Ha ha. That's funny.

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Drakonius - - 4 comments

I´ve played a similar system for hints where you asked others how to use certain objects, though, even if you knew or had a hunch about how to use them, I´d sometimes ask them anyways just because of the funny responses :P

Ronnie´s head seems to be just as funny.

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