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I added the character sheet which will contain everything about your character, from his background to the journal. I also added containers (currently only two) with the possibility to take or store items in them.

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Character sheet

The character sheet will contain everything about your character: your background, your skills, your inventory, and so on.
While it is currently incomplete because it lacks various categories, such as the spell book, I will give an overview of what I have added so far:



In this category of the character sheet you will be able to view "Plot" related information about Chrome.

Most of them such as your name or your race will never change, however, things like age, the background or obviously your level will change overtime as you play.
To give an example: The first part of the game is a small introduction that tries to serve as a tutorial to show the various features of the game, the real adventure begins three years later... This means that Chrome's age will update from 18 to 21.

Currently the background category has a lot of empty space and the layout feels a bit random, this is because I still have not added everything, things like: titles, deity prayed, alignment are still missing.



As the name implies, this category will contain all your character's statistics, it is probably one of the most important categories and one that you will be keeping track of often, as those statistics will change as you level up, wear items, etc. and display potential weaknesses or things you need to improve before engaging in dangerous fights.

This is also the least complete category so far, hence the big empty space, things like resistances or traits are not yet a thing, while some things such as Flat-footed and Touch Armour Classes are added but not yet displayed among the statistics.




This is a list of all the skills that Chrome has.
Every time you level up, you will have the chance to increase the grade of whatever skill you own, which in turn will make you better at that particular skill.
During the game you may have the chance to acquire new skills (such as Performing).

Most of those skills will be used passively, for instance, Concentration will be automatically used should
you attempt to cast a spell when you are within the enemy's reach.
Other skills, such as Appraise will be used manually to know how valuable an item is.

While not all skills can be used yet (some do not even have a description yet) and the languages section is just a placeholder, this category is otherwise complete as it serves the sole purpose to keep track of all the skills you know.



The journal contains all the quests you are currently doing and also a list of completed quests.
As you complete objectives, they will be marked and the description of the quest will also get updated to display the extra information you have acquired.

Once a quest has been completed positively or negatively, it will be moved to the completed section and you will get rewarded depending on its challenge rating, Chrome's level and number of party members that have participated.

This is also one of the categories that is pretty much complete, I may change the buttons' graphics in future and maybe display the challenge rating or at least the mission's rank (F, D, etc.)



The Inventory is another of the most complete categories I have done so far.
It contains various sections (I may add more in future, maybe a "Key items" section?) and each stores a certain type of item.

Left clicking an item displays its details, whereas right clicking equips or uses the item (with the exception of the misc items that cannot be used or wore).
From within the inventory you will be also able to appraise or drop an item.

Upon reaching the max carrying capacity, your character will not be able to move anymore, this means that you will have to mind how much you are carrying.
I have preferred this typology of inventory rather than a grid type of inventory as it will be easier to expand your carrying capacity should you find a way to increase your strength (either by leveling up or using magic).


After adding items and an inventory with a max carrying capacity, I decided that the most obvious update that should follow up was containers, as a way to store your items or take them (the game starts up as you just woke up, who sleeps carrying a crossbow?)

Here is an animated image showing how they work so far:

You can also view the items' details from the container itself, I forgot to show it on the animated image:


This is all for now, thanks for reading!
Stay tuned for the next update and remember that you can view more information or discuss the game on the official website.

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