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these are plans for chapter 1 of city 32. Please read below.

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Chapter 1: A Known Farewell

So here's some of the story I decided to plan.

Dovian Markle was a ordinary citizen of City 17 till he was relocated to City 32. Originally the plan was G-man was going to teleport the player there like the player was getting hired. but I'm going without the G-man route. till later in the story.

Chapter 1 comes in total of 5 maps. 1st map is the apartments & 2nd is the streets & 3rd is where you escape.

4 & 5th are like the canals heading to a forest.

You'll meet a certain refugee in the 4th Map

by the name of Steve.


Steve is a Spy for the CPs.

Steve (Metro Cop Suit)

& Yes his suit reveal for chapter 2.

Steve will betray you in Map 5 or chapter 2 map 1 where he takes you to a base into the forest.

Chapter 2 is still being planned

Planning Chapter 2

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