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We're a tiny bit late(once again) for our news posts but wait till you get a load of what we've got in store for you!

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Whats Changed Since Last Time?
Our biggest change would be our engine swap from UDK to CryEngine 3, we swapped engines mainly because we felt that CryEngine 3 would be much better for our game not only technically but visually as well, Ill be attaching a very early WIP screenshot for your viewing pleasure down below, sound off in the comments and let us know what you think.

Another big change would be that we've had our programmer and one of our 3D modelers leave our team but it ended on good terms so I'd say it wasn't that bad, on the other hand we've recently had another addition to our team, Tim will be filling in another of our animator roles and I hope that we'll get to show you some of his work soon.

Paul's been working on a new model for Duncan and his offensive mastery and that another thing we cant wait to show off.

Robert has been out of contact for a while so that's why we haven't been posting as many new videos as we'd like, hopefully we'll hear from him soon and have some new stuff to show off to you guys.


Whats everyone working on?
Lukasz, Brandon and Myself are working on getting the new layout of Inaolia done, Brandon already has a pretty basic outline done while Lukasz has been working on getting up to speed with CryEngine 3 and working on the Terrain surrounding Inaolia, I myself have been working on the various 'row' housing and the props that will eventually go in them that will be populating the 'Marketplace Zone', Right now you must all be like "Madness! What is this Marketplace Zone he speaks of!" we'll the new layout of Inaolia will be divided into smaller zones, each zone being different from the last being distinct in both gameplay and visual style.

As I've mentioned earlier Paul is currently working on Duncan's Offensive Mastery model and we should have something to show you by tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled!
We'll also be posting new screenshots of our level as we build it up so look our for that as well!

A Special Announcement!
We've slowly been watching our IndieDB followers slowly but surely creeping up(Currently at 80!), Id like to thank all of you for taking and interest in our game it does truly mean a lot!
Also we're currently doing some major website reconstruction so hopefully by the next news post(which will hopefully be on time) you guys should be able to see the new and Improved Official Siege of Inaolia Website!

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