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So once again we're back, this time we've updated our level layout and have some new members on the team.

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Whats been going on since last time?
The Biggest Highlight would be that our previous Lead 3D Artist 'Forrest Ross' had to leave our team due to personal commitments, it was sad to see one of our guys leave the family but we welcome not one, not two but three new additions to the Planewalker Studios Family, I'd like to formally welcome Alex Crawford, Craig Mooney and William MacMillan. Alex would be joining us as a level builder and a 3D modeler and Craig would be taking up the position of Lead 3D Artist in Forrest's place, William would be taking up the post of Lead Programmer, Its really exciting to finally have our Development team complete and now we can really go full speed ahead in our Development Cycle.

Lukasz and myself we're discussing new layout designs and finally came up with one that's not only big but one that's going to add a lot of Gameplay, replay-ability and overall fun factor to Siege of Inaolia, we think our fans are really going to love the new layout and we cant wait to unveil it to you guys in the near future.

Whats everyone working on?
Lukasz is working heavily on the level, at the time of this article hes going to be adding vegetation to the layout, Craig would also be helping him out by working on the lighting within the level while Alex is currently assigned to populating one of the 'Zones' within our new layout(a little tid bit of information, the layout is going to be divided into zones and each zone would be very distinct in its uses within Gameplay and its visual style), William is working on getting up to speed with UDK and should have our new and improved 3rd Person camera set up by the weekend.
Paul is working on Duncan Support Mastery Concepts while Brandon and myself have been working on and completed various props such as trees, boulders.

I have finished writing Act 1 of the story and the voice actors are already handing their lines in.
Currently I'm working on creating various props that will populate the 'zones' hopefully when you see some new images you'll get an Idea of the diversity of the 'zones'.
For now I'm going to be attaching a small sneak peek of the starting area of the game, sound of in the comments(this is a really early preview of the game so be nice)


When will we be able to try it out for yourselves?
Right now we're working as hard as we can to hopefully have something playable for ourselves, Kieran is working on the animations for Duncan's basic three hit combo and Duncan himself might get a new model! Probably on our Alpha Debut we'll have a lot of our basic ideas in the game but we're focusing on getting something playable out by the end of the month so keep your fingers crossed.

When can we hear some of the voice acting?
Ill be Uploading a short audio preview on our youtube channel and on IndieDB of some of the voice actors pretty soon just to show our fans how much we love you guys.


Hopefully in our next news post Ill have some more awesome screenshots with(cross your fingers) Duncan battling some Orc Grunts!

We're also thinking about having some 'Meet the Developers' Segments on our Youtube channel which would allow the fans to get a small insight into the lives of each of our members as well as probably give out some more information regarding the game *wink* *wink* sound off in the comments section and tell us if you think it would be a good Idea.

Till next time and if you like what you see don't forget to follow us on:
and of course Watch us on IndieDB if we grab your interest.

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Thanks, we really appreciate it.

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May I ask where you advertised/ found your voice actors?

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IndieDB's Forums.

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