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We're a little late on our news update but after you read about what we've been doing for the past 2 weeks I'm confident you'll forgive us.

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Whats been going on since last time?
An Insane amount of progress has been going on! Brandon and myself have been working on creating and texturing some magnificent fountains along with working on a basic grunt sword.Lukasz has finished up work on the 3rd Person 'Ranged Mode' Camera system and has applied the textures on the Towers and finalizing the Collision and Placement, Forrest is Finally Back up to full speed and has completed the Blacksmith Building, as you know Inaolia being the home fortress of the Crimson Knights would have everything available from Blacksmiths to the Butchers, think of it as a Town but basically built around the focus of the knights, Credits should mainly go to Forrest and his Idea of personalizing the area to such a high standard, if things keep going at this rate me might be out of pre-alpha before the next news post, keep your fingers crossed.


How far has the script come along?
I have finished Act 1 - Part 5 and its looking good, so far the characters have very defined personalities and you find them arguing very early in game due to their different approaches to a situation.
Here's a small teaser :

Esaya - Ha! Daemons? Nothing but myths, Duncan you are as thick as you look and Draeldos with all your knowlegde you have yet to find a cure for insanity.
Draeldos - Insane am I?
The group enters a clearing where the huge fortress is visible as if untouched by time or war.
Draeldos - Sanity is overrated.

Whats been going on with the team?
We've had a very unfortunate situation in the past week, two of our members had left us and threatened to sue us if we used their intellectual property, this matter had really saddened the entire team but was quickly resolved quickly since they had no Trademark or Copyright over the 5 words made they had nothing to use against us.
We are Still looking for a Programmer to help us on our ambitious project, if you know someone tell them about us or if you are one yourself stop reading this and join us!

And Now!

Thank You All!
We have recently hit the 50 watchers mark and at the time of writing have 52 watchers along with 3000+ Views, Thank you all for your support it really helps as as we know we're doing something right!

New Previews on the way!
Yes! New Previews will be on the way very soon! Duncans attack Previews will be up on Youtube very soon! we are also going to release a Bonus Video if we hit 500 Likes on our Facebook Page, so spread the word!
Dont forget to Follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook, Watch us on IndieDB and Subscribe to us on Youtube if we catch your Interest.

Till next time.


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